Friday, February 29, 2008

All about the Pexies

This is my 100th blog post! Bloody hell.

Let's call these an experiment. It's over now.

Bob can't figure out what the heck's going on this picture. Ah well.

'Roaming the beautiful downs of Dorset is the mischievous goblin colt with flaming red eyes called the 'Colepexy'. He enjoys nothing more than to mislead domesticated horses and travellers, but his favourite prank is luring unsuspecting people to ride him, and once mounted he takes them on a wild ride across the wettest and thorniest country before eventually throwing them into a ditch or stream.'

'In Hampshire and Dorset the name colepexy (= coltpixy) is given to a mischievous fairy appearing in the form of a horse. The fossils known as belemnites are called cole pixies’ fingers and fossil sea-urchins cole pixies’ heads.'

"In Dorset also, the Pixy-lore still lingers. The being is called Pexy and Colepexy; the fossil belemnitos are named Colepexies'-fingers; and the fossil echini, Colepexies'-heads. The children, when naughty, are also threatened with the Pexy, who is supposed to haunt woods and coppices. [a]
"In Hampshire," says Captain Grose, "they give the name of Colt-Pixy to a supposed spirit or fairy, which in the shape of a horse wickers, i. e. neighs, and misleads horses into bogs, etc."

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Interrupted Cow Boys

I started drawing brokeback mountain cowboys but I got distracted.

Angel cats landed in my ideas.

Then there were the Colepexies.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Pick of the Pops

My deviantart top 5

Deviantart has a feature where if you 'browse' a gallery and then arrange the items by popularity, I can get a sort of a hit parade of my most popular images according to how many views and favourites and comments they've got. I'm sorta fascinated by which of my pictures end up where in popularity. I never quite would have predicted they would end up in the order they're in. Maybe the Deviantart crowd are a very specific demographic.

Here's the chart rundown from 5 to 1. (Click on the images to get the the corresponding deviantart page including comments.)

5. Gypsy Chaos Goat

-I put up this one and the other goat, and I really always thought the other one 'Softie Goat' was better. But this has only been up for a week and it's already top 5. Maybe it's more rough and rugged than the other one. Or has a more sexy title. It has computer game mage hijinks or something appealing the the WoW addicts of the world.

4.Three Teenage Moons

- I kind of understand why this is top 5. It has detail and it's all emotional and soft and warm.

3. Empathetic Minotaur

- This old chestnut... this is always popular on the internet. The original was tiny. I must have hit on something good with chaotic mix of delicate little mediums. The original was tiny. But the internet isn't fully cognizant of that.

2. Kids in the Forest

- I would not have expected this to be number 2. It must be the cuteness of the theme or the multiracial niceness or something. It's all vague, like some of my stuff of that era was, and quite primitive in its shapes. It was from an obscure movie photo or lobby card or something.

1. (By some distance): Orton Flair Three

- And it's funny because it's not mainly wrestling fans who like it. It's people who don't know who they are. But comments say things like 'moving' . I can't quite put myself in their shoes and see what they see. It is the third version of this image I did, and it's the closest of all my images to straight 'fan art'. I never really thought of it as part of the main flow of my oeuvre. No way! I think in the end a hardwired conservative part of people likes convincing heads and likenesses, but also pretty people and simple things.

The whole of the top twenty on Deviantart are all paintings. You have to go to 21 to get the first drawing. People like colour. It's more real to them or something. My favourite way out drawings tend to be less popular. Or maybe people just don't know what to say about them. Maybe they're less comfortable and more radical in a good way.

Friday, February 15, 2008

Men and their Heads and my Line Frenzy

Here are some pictures that say unto you that I still draw wrestler heads.

This one's from ages ago. I did it whilst watching a whole episode of What's New Scooby Doo, which isn't a very good thing. But I wanted to know who did it.

And these were done in preparation for an illustration that ultimately went in a letter to Mick Foley, illustrating my concerns about how John Cena might respond to my depictions of him.

And this is a video of a caricaturist called John Kascht drawing Rudy Guiliani. I liked watching him draw and his descriptions are as eloquent as his drawings. It made me realise I draw in quite a frenzied way... professionals are smooth. There's a link to his other videos drawing the other candidates on the right.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Bobcat Noodlings

I had a couple of days during which I tried to make 'cats' have Karolina Kurkova's mouth.

I decided I like Bobcats when they are scruffy and threadbare.

Friday, February 08, 2008

Galavanting Pout-pards

It's Frivolity Friday!

Or Experimental Friday or something.

I tried to reinvent the feline... with only medium sized success.

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Bob's Dental Polygons

I had done some very quick sketches of Bob for my portrait, then i took the idiosyncrasies of the quick sketches and made some Round Bobs. His face is hexagonal or something. I always reckoned Bob's dad has octagonal eyes. These men are constructed of many sided regular polygons.

I drew Bob from life while he was watching Mythbusters or some old man programme. No! Actually it was a repeat of Small Talk with Ronnie Corbett.

Here's Bob being willowy with a more protuberent schnozz.

Bob likes colour coordinating his bike shoes with his bikes. (A cat trod on this one with its mud paws of doom.)

Monday, February 04, 2008

Many Tiny Lines

I've been arting... I got a book about Durer's drawings with my book token so I have done some studying Durer and his lines, but also thinking about kitties and kitty breeds.

Here is a Pixie Bob and a turban.

Here's a Havana Brown cat that looks like an otter and Durer's Oriental King.

Sunday, February 03, 2008

At least, sincere.

I think I have some drawings to post... more than I thought. They're not as cute as I'd like but they are, at least, sincere. Back of the net!

Bob and Goya Man are friends.

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