Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Personal Demons

I've nearly finished some proper paintings that aren't silly. But in the meantime here are some of my own personal demons.

I like flower fairies but am not yet sure how this will end.

flower fairy

It could all get a bit peculiar.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Dry Druids and men with pouchy faces

Here are some drawings from lately.

I've looked at Dusty Rhodes a little bit.

Then I got a new double ended marker pen so I looked at him with that.

When Dusty was young, he posed 'neath a cloud of graphite

I secretly study cartoons in the hope that one day I'll lighten up and be a cartoonist. Here is a lion jumping o'er the heads of Dusty and malteser headed blando Bobby Lashley.

Dusty has a little man son called Cody.

Cody had an encounter with Big Randy.

Really Randy was an elf druid and Cody was a little demon lord with flames coming out of his collar. Dusty was a sad elephant.

Or it might be just that I'd been playing the game Heroes of Might and Magic V too much.

The drawing is oddly dry and deadpan considering its deranged origins. My secret goal is to do juicy drawings.

And finally... well hello boys.

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Simpleton Crusty

Here is part of a painting I've been painting. It is a simpleton lion.

What I've sort of realised is that my paintings might serve a completely different purpose to my drawings. In fact I suspect that the same people who are predisposed to dig my drawings might not really dig the paintings, and that's alright.

I'll elaborate on this issue in another time and place.

Having said that, following on from slow crusty layered paintings like this one, I might also do some faster fresher paintings which have more in common with my fast swishy cocky drawings.

There's a continuum going on here or light to heavy, or fun to serious. I'm trying to be aware of where my respective things sit on that continuum, or slide up and down it.
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