Sunday, June 14, 2009

party bag of messy surprises

I found this sequence of photographs of a falling cat. I liked it.

Pastels are messy. I am messy.

Man and animal.

Million Dollar Man.

Wrestler.. stretching the definition. Messy plastic paper.

I used this discarded warrior drawing to try to make lines a bit like William Blake and think what I could do with them.

Finally: a snake so big and evil he didn't quite all fit on the scanner.

Sunday, June 07, 2009

Smudged Pillocks

I'm not obsessed with wrestling at the mo, but I should have a show of my wrestling drawings coming up, so I've been wrestling with drawing through wrestling drawings. Ultimate Warrior!

I want to use pastels more and hone my techniques through honing.

The explorations felt valid, the muse came and went in a floozily fickle fashion.

Peculiar bonus: the cover of my diary beginning 10th December 2001, ending 16th July 2002. Different times. I was at once more and less confident.

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