Sunday, June 07, 2009

Smudged Pillocks

I'm not obsessed with wrestling at the mo, but I should have a show of my wrestling drawings coming up, so I've been wrestling with drawing through wrestling drawings. Ultimate Warrior!

I want to use pastels more and hone my techniques through honing.

The explorations felt valid, the muse came and went in a floozily fickle fashion.

Peculiar bonus: the cover of my diary beginning 10th December 2001, ending 16th July 2002. Different times. I was at once more and less confident.


Katie said...

Amazing...I'm happy you post close ups of the faces you draw. I want to see everything! Your drawings are captivating. It's always fun to see older artwork too...I think I know what you mean by being both more and less confident at a younger age...

P.S. Next Generation is wonderful! I babbled a bit about it back on my blog in the comments, in response to the nice message you left me.

Chloe Cumming said...


I'm glad my one comment is from you.

On the more and less confident thing... In some ways then I was more absorbed in art, and completely unquestioning of the idea that I was an artist. But the world I was in was smaller. Now I have more of a sense that the bigger world accepts me, less fear of rejection, at the same time as having more modest ultimate ambitions.

TNG is worth a babble, I don't think it gets enough credit. As a thing in its own right. It's a shame that last movie they did was so rubbish.

Merlin said...

"Now I have more of a sense that the bigger world accepts me, less fear of rejection, at the same time as having more modest ultimate ambitions."
So hoping to wind up in such comfort. Truly adore your work,
it is serene.

Anonymous said...

That one at the top is a beauty.

Chloe Cumming said...

I actually want to draw more straight caricatures of Warrior because he is hilarious.

Scott Jordan Harris said...

Chloe! You know I love your drawings the bestest, but I have come here to praise your words and chew bubblegum. And I'm all out of bubblegum! 'Smudged Pillocks' is the best blog title in the short history of the form. xx

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