Saturday, May 26, 2007

Coy Leopards and Sad Lions looking for something

Well I been painting my little bottom off. But paintings are at a state of near incompletion. I've also drawn some leopards, lions and such, foraging for a way through this imagery towards some finished expression.

I like clouded leopards.

clouded leopard in profile

Here are some coy ones.

sitting little clouded leopard

Poor Shawn is hilariously concussed!

Some people miss the subtlety and pathos in wrestling.

I've been studying lion statues from various cultures. There are some doozies on Flickr.

sad lion statue

Also been looking at Edwardian postcards with photographs of children quite a lot. Always liked these. Always felt there was something to be done with them, or found in them.

edwardian child dog

Then there was this stocky chubby little personification of the praying lion theme...

And this perhaps slightly less obscure version of last week's spasmodic scribbletasms:

Oh yes, and I now have an ogre on ebay:

That's all.

Friday, May 18, 2007

Secret Codes and ye olde melancholic faces

Here are some more tentative lion type men in some attitude of emotional twistitude:

Can you decipher my little 'composition sketches'? I suspect they're effectively in a secret shorthand drawing code that only I can read:

Look at all the little bits of pencil detritus... but eventually they will re congeal into paintings look atable by human beans.

imbecile babycats:

Who's this handsome devil? Why it's the Heart Break Kid, Shawn Michaels.

Oh and before I forget... I've listed a couple more paintings on ebay. The 'plush brush mush' lady from this blog last month, and an old weird student years one with a big mopey Sarah Michelle Gellar face and a little gnome woman with a club. Things were... different then.

or, you could have a squizz at all my auctions!.

I should be going to Hampshire tomorrow to meet a young chap who's made a film about wrestling. I might be doing some artwork for that.

And my sister Hannah has a new website for her illustration work... She's doing nicely!

Bye bye!

Monday, May 14, 2007

Trying to make a man and a lion cohabit in the same nostrils

Well... I was going to do a blog with all my recent drawings on it. Then I realised I had precisely thirty-one recent drawings. So I must embark on the brain hurting task of dividing them up into logical groups. Gahhh! Well... I suppose dividing it into two groups of ten and one of eleven makes sense.

So here are ten drawings that I recently did.

Some of them are crap.

They are all drawings with painting in mind. This is subtly different to the kind of cartoony/pure human caricature drawing I was moving toward in 'John Cena is a Bump-Lunk'. That kind of drawing I find more pleasing for its own sake. And part of me itches to learn how to be a good cartoonist with no other distractions. But these drawings think not of themselves, for they serve another master. I'm a painter now.

1. John Cena is a naked mole rat lion with mouse anuses for eyes!






I've just realised that even though I have thirty-one drawings, that not all of them are good drawings. Some of them are more thought-farts than drawings really. So I can probably mathematically justify having just seven in this blog. So here's the seventh:


End of sequence.

Oh, according to technorati this blog is worth seven thousand and something dollars. I don't think that means anyone is going to give me seven thousand and something dollars. But Still, I remember Marlo's used to be worth thirty-five thousand dollars and I'm close enough to that to feel it's respectable.

My blog is worth $7,339.02.
How much is your blog worth?

Oh, two of my paintings are up to their reserve prices on ebay! The naked lady and the Beach Boys. Of course. It's not too late!

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Barely dry disrobing cushiony demon lady

Here's my latest lady painting.

She came out a little bit demonic, also more detailed and heavily worked than the last one. This is fine but I might even go back and do a simpler version, broader strokes and all that...

Don't forget my ebay stuff!

Monday, May 07, 2007

Stuff on eBay experiment... your support appreciated!

(Also posted on myspace blog)

I've blooming done it!

I've listed some original work on eBay.

I'm trying it out...

So come and bid! It's like a big fun game. The start prices on the drawings are reasonable, I think.

Perhaps you're partial to Jesus...

Or maybe John Cena takes your fancy. he has a big oblong foam head!

Perhaps you dig the Beach Boys, who are standing about in a forest:

Or the simpler pencil-wrought charms of Orton and Flair.

Keep an eye on them! I may be adding more soon...

Oh, and they ARE available to ship worldwide, even though they're primarily listed on UK ebay.

P.S. I will also be posting more voluptuous wenches soon. Wenches, bints and flooztasms.

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Strutting Chickens

One of my preoccupations seems to be puffed up cockerel bullies who may or may not intend to kick sand in your face in order to steal your girl.

Perhaps this wonderful Crumb fragment can help shed some light (You can click to enlarge):

These boys may suffer from a very rare type of homosexuality in which one is only sexually attracted to oneself.

nostril flowers:

Now let's spend some time relaxing at home with master race manboys Randy and Arnold. Dig the lamp.

When I tried to capture these two rapidly with my pencil, they became the same person. Their essence was the same.

It's nice to draw people I think are beautiful and also don't mind gently mocking. I don't know how vicious I'm capable of being in my drawings... Sometimes people say they seem raw or fearless, but they're always done with some measure of love... perhaps that makes them more fearless. I don't know.

I have a very particular tendency to want to shout insults at my favourite people. Spirited ones. Spirited insults.

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