Sunday, January 18, 2009

Monty Python series entry no. 1: Palin

Palin: volume 1 part 1: first Palins

It made sense to start with Palin, he's the cute one. When he was young his face was kind of soft pink and squelchy. As he got older things got more leathery and crevicetastic.

I'm still comparatively new to watercolour as the versatile medium that it is. Here is Palin as groupie.

Palin has sparkle, possibly the first tangible attribute I started finding attractive in men. I was susceptible to sparkle long before I gave a toss about pleasantly shaped deltoids.

Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Water Paint Chaos Year

So this year I am going to try watercolour... in fact I am quite excited about this and thinking about it while working at the camera shop, thinking of sponges and honey.

Oh and I tried Marlo as an experimental initial muse. She drew me and my sister Hannie so I suppose after that I felt a a bit like I was allowed, though I began casually.

This one's at a disadvantage for being the first, and horizontal, it will come out small on the blog... click to enlarge.

Mr old timey caricature yawn king doesn't care.

Was watching Inland Empire during this, wondering whether to throw caution to the wind and go much weirder in future

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