Sunday, March 29, 2009

Partially Accidental Wrestlers

It's hard to ignore wrestling entirely. After all, I hadn't even really got around to properly drawing LAST year's Wrestlemania.

Also, I rather like drawing things I've drawn lots of times before... it feels richer than faffing about with new novelties every week... It's building upon previous hours of gloriously pointless studying.

Because I have drawn them so much, wrestler-like entities crop up in my doodles without my really intending it. Accidental wrestlers account for at least 66% of my output.

I was rather inspired by a thread on UK Fan Forum called 'draw a wrestler in MS Paint'. The innocent efforts of internet wrestling fans spurred me on.


Thursday, March 19, 2009


Well, things went as they often do.

I had an idea for a kind of themed blog

about 'fringes'

or 'bangs'

Because I have been genuinely in a dither about getting my hair cut.

And I find it quite unnatural to blog about such a feminine self absorbed thing... so I thought it would be a good challenge.

Then I came up with tons of ideas for drawings and narratives.

But I work in a shop a lot of the time.

And I don't have time to make everything perfect and developed...

Especially not 'pointless' blog things.
as much as it pains me.

So what I have is a collection of drawings that does not feel in any way finished with or living up to the ultimate potential of FRINGES as a theme and all the marvellous things it could have been, say, if Marlo had done it. Oh well. it's also probably a document of my mild mental illnesses.

I saw this picture of Penelope Cruz in a magazine, and I thought for a while that I wanted her fringe. I hoped I was too sophisticated to fall into that old trap of thinking you want the woman's hair when actually what you want is her face. But I don't know. I'm not that sophisticated.

I went through this thing where I was transposing fringes onto drawings of myself.

Penelope hair: no.

I was not sure for a long time whether I should get a fringe at all, since my face might be too big and lumpy. When Katie drew me she made me look like someone who shouldn't have a fringe. Like a serious tarty mermaid. I was so happy when I saw this.

When Marlo drew me (Sorry Hannie) she made me look like someone who perhaps should have a fringe but doesn't.

I had some really terrible experiences at hairdressers in the past, that still haunt me. I remember once when it had started to go very wrong in my awkwardest teenage years the lady was trying to make me point to pictures in magazines (so embarrassing) and I pointed to one of an oriental lady... she said 'that's oriental hair, that's different' Oh so stupid! I should have known... best to stay at home and let your hair grow, it's antennas to spiritual awareness anyway isn't it. Never go out.

I've been struggling to return the favour and draw Katie, but I find her tricky, her features are round and cute and they seem to beg for the cartoonyness that I feel out of my depth with... so I've had some right old weird results and I don't think I'm finished.

And Duffy of course... funny old Duffy.

WTF is this and what does it want with me?

Wilful abuse of magic animation pencils

Little Miss transparent nose

The racoon-like gaping monster that my drawings have persisted in turning into for the past ten years... Well, you may spot an actual raccoon in the corner. The middle one is just a piffling personage, perhaps on a par with a Popple.

I actually started drawing models out of magazines... I spend more time in towns now... magazines can become quite alluring when you're daydreaming about things to draw...

Some naked tasteful naff slutty empowered deviantart women wear their fringes quite well.

I had more... I had fully blown theories about forehead shapes and things... unfortunately now I might have lost interest, and confidence in the very foundations of my investigative faculty, I'm sorry.

Thursday, March 05, 2009

Let's all have a nice Melt

I feel so uncomfortably exposed putting my learning drawings up, it's like exposing my naked intestines to hungry parrots.

So here are some distracting other unblogged lumps of unfocused pseudo-erumpence

The old enemy Orton doodled while on telephone

Elmer Elephant has a bounce, possibly followed by a stroke and a melt

Love innocent cartoon Elephants... I have the soul of one inside a cat called Hal.

NB my scanner is just old and worn out. I must replace it with a youthful one. It's a little bit sad.

Learning blog

Learning. Learning is important.

Here are some copies I drew with the originals. I can see some of the hideous faults and errors, let's hope John K can point out the rest.

Gotta go back to work at the blinking shop tomorrow, so I can stand at the counter and just daydream about becoming Functional.

Tuesday, March 03, 2009

a smattering of cattering

I love kitties.

really sorry about the ugly scan lines. I actually took my scanner apart to try to clean the inside today, but it didn't help. So it's more esoteric than I thought. I was quite pleased about not breaking it though.

There will be more attempts at pretending to be a cartoonist soon.
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