Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Britney Spears

I suppose I felt sort of neutral about Britney, I didn't want to be mean to her while she's all troubled. But I persevered and tried to 'take her somewhere' in my drawings, because she's still fascinating to me in moments. Done these sporadically over past few weeks.

Pretty photoshoot photoshop Britney is a different creature to out on the town wig buying smudgy eyeliner sad trashy Britney. But she can still be interesting. It's like trying to capture the creature that they were aiming for, rather than a whole person.

But she has seemed more like a real person in recent times, if a somewhat messed up one.

I never want to be cruel in my drawings, just honest about what I see, or inventive with the things I can see.

It's hard not to give caricatured Britney huge eyes and a wide head to accomodate how far apart they are.

I used to draw britney back in '99, next to Pikachu. Now she likes to go to strip clubs and have people take pictures of her bottom.

She still scrubs up well.

Drawing her now is like drawing an elusive sort of emptiness. I hope she'll be alright in the end.

Saturday, October 20, 2007


I'm trying something out... I've put some little paintings and drawings and prints up on Etsy, to see how they'll go on there.

Etsy seems to be all about quirk and cute and girly pretty little slight pretty things. Hairclips on roses and whiskers on crochet dolphins. I don't know how I'll do over there with my intensity and my offputting serious personality and all, but listings only cost twenty cents so that's nice.

The stuff of mine that I'm putting on is a mix of older small paintings and some of the cuter of my new scribbles. Plus some pretty nice prints I have knocking about.

I was probably 18 when I painted that. Oh, acrylics. I miss you.

One of those little paintings that reflected my mood of a moment.

Then a print of good old 'Guitarist'.

Here's the sort of thing that's on Etsy, that other people make. Quirkycute has truly come into its own. And a lot of this stuff is very nice. Some's a tad predictable. I wish I was better able to capitalise on the temperature of the youth culture.

Snufflehogs made of felt.

Crochet pizza.

Someone can always outcute you! Or outquirk you, which is quite painful.

I'm suddenly seeing potential for parody and new drawing themes... hmmm. Perhaps my drawings are too manly. I wish to both join the girly wetness and simultaneously analyse and mock it fearlessly.


Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Fried Egg Daddy and Future Bob

I've tried to do a portrait of Da. This is it in progress. The bad camera has made the colours look still more fried-eggish. I'll post it properly once it's finished.

I'm using quite smoothly sanded gesso boards and quite oily paint which can be wiped and scratched and rubbed away easily.

This all makes painting a little more movable, a little more like drawing. It's also quite fast. And I haven't quite mastered it yet.

It's one thing figuring out how to do a thing or a certain technique, and then it's another thing coaxing the finished painting to be something that actually appeals to me.

Then there's Bob, who is looking to the future with the wind in his heart. He look like he's in a Ladybird book.

Monday, October 01, 2007

Heinous Wrestlemuses of Doom

I wrestled with this, but I decided to still draw wrestling wrestlers wrestling other wrestlers, a little bit, on the quiet. Wrestling is a harsh mistress indeed.

Monkeywig butterman with pointing:

Hand squelchy.

Cube jaw fascination.

Ladymonkeys minimalism.

Duckmonkeys. Monkeyducks.

Rubbish bird hat & restless eyelashes.

Puffin topped cheekbone miscreant plus Buddy Holly glasses.

John Cena with foldy mouth.

Wistful little look with cup eyes.


'Don't wear a tank top if you have hairy armpits.'
- Randy Orton.

Sometimes I draw all carefully, like this.

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