Saturday, October 20, 2007


I'm trying something out... I've put some little paintings and drawings and prints up on Etsy, to see how they'll go on there.

Etsy seems to be all about quirk and cute and girly pretty little slight pretty things. Hairclips on roses and whiskers on crochet dolphins. I don't know how I'll do over there with my intensity and my offputting serious personality and all, but listings only cost twenty cents so that's nice.

The stuff of mine that I'm putting on is a mix of older small paintings and some of the cuter of my new scribbles. Plus some pretty nice prints I have knocking about.

I was probably 18 when I painted that. Oh, acrylics. I miss you.

One of those little paintings that reflected my mood of a moment.

Then a print of good old 'Guitarist'.

Here's the sort of thing that's on Etsy, that other people make. Quirkycute has truly come into its own. And a lot of this stuff is very nice. Some's a tad predictable. I wish I was better able to capitalise on the temperature of the youth culture.

Snufflehogs made of felt.

Crochet pizza.

Someone can always outcute you! Or outquirk you, which is quite painful.

I'm suddenly seeing potential for parody and new drawing themes... hmmm. Perhaps my drawings are too manly. I wish to both join the girly wetness and simultaneously analyse and mock it fearlessly.


1 comment:

Marc Deckter said...

Good luck with Etsy!

I think that crochet pizza is really cool actually...

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