Thursday, December 20, 2007

Not quite soft focus pinup dreamboys

Am I incapable of flattery?

Well, the possibility, probability even, has cropped up that some of the wrestlers I draw will see the drawings and paintings I've done. Within reason. They'll see them because Mick Foley is my friend now. Which made me think that I ought to do a blog entry called 'John Cena is a handsome and talented man' with pictures to match that sentiment.

But it didn't quite work. At least not this time.

Then I thought about totemic booby monkeys.

This is sort of a remake of one of the earlier primitive images from this blog. One day I will be able to make things be cute.

And I'm not quite ready to do a blog without a picture of Stephen in it. Stephen and Bob the day a dog chased Stephen up a tree this spring.

Friday, December 14, 2007

Dogs as Reindeer and Stephen

Michelangelo drew women who were built like wrestlers. I've been drawing dog reindeer people who are a little bit camp. I'm trying to get groovy and Supermurgitroid like in jazz. More drawings soon.

Just the one drawing today...

And also, Stephen has died. Stephen the big soft spiritually advanced inky black cat. He came for walks with us and was a friend to everyone. He always smelled amazing, all the most fragrant fresh smells of nature he picked up in his beautiful soft glossy black fur. We love Stephen.

Saturday, December 01, 2007

Cyclops Blondes with Beards

I was playing with 80s space cyclopses and toying idly with notions of 80s space paintings. But unlike Picasso I procrastinated and did effeminate formless scribbles instead of macho fertility daubs.

I thought Bob might be a good person to start learning. He has a big wide giant's face.

Space Monkey Cyclops?

The beards still feature.

But I have been looking at ladies and seeing what they'd look like with beards.

The polite expensive doll-like classical singer Katherine Jenkins who is my contemporary...

katherine jenkins

Those were my first go. Then they got a bit richer... She's singing her way to beard growth...

(I think that's the best drawing on this blog...)

But despite that, crowds still gather to watch lumpyspine wrestle lobsterhead.

Monday, November 19, 2007

Lack of Eyeless Nudes in the Home

I was beginning to think it might be a little while before I can put up some nice finished new drawings that's like a culmination of the things I'm thinking about. So I'm just going to say a bit about the things I'm thinking about and the drawings will be poor and loose not in the good way.

I'm thinking about beardy Zeus gods from the thirty first century.

I'm thinking about Ulysses 31. Perhaps this will be hard to explain in a mere white blog.

I'm thinking about beardy classical blokes with no eyeballs.

I'm trying for now not to fall back on the wrestlers but to really think this thing through. My drawings have become increasingly in the service of bodies and wriggling forms. It's beginning to feel like I could do with full time life models/ naked people living in my house. Otherwise the wrestlers are the best source I have for writhing naked alive bodies. But for now I'm looking at what the statue men have and what I can do with it sans live flesh displays.

Picasso may provide some clues.

Picasso was a good cartoonist (in fact that's quite a sensible way of assessing him) but in his paintings of people he often didn't pay that much attention to specifics and 'genericised' them, whether he was doing these generic beardy pleasure blokes or monkeying with mushes as only he could.

Perhaps in my paintings and drawings of bodies, I don't have to stake so much of the 'fun' on getting a specific likeness or LEARNING a face in some way... as much fun as that is... perhaps I could be more careless like Picasso.

Anyway I explained this concept to Bob as Ulysses getting off his spaceship with his willy out. It's just one concept on my table.

Ulysses of the thirty first century has a distinctive frontal hair do.

Some of my beardy blokes are a bit fat and shy.

We find our minds wandering to chinnal concerns.

Here is a page dense with thinkings

It hurts

The cyclops people are stumped.

This was not a Proper Blog.

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Drawings made of lines (slight kitty emphasis)

Well, my line drawings seem to be the backbone of this blog so to speak. People don't seem to mind so much what they're of. Nothing else seems to get any comments. So here are some I've done, along with bits of their oddball missmatched stories.

I suppose the only somewhat running theme is an effort to integrate more kitties and leaping, because I'm planning a painting with a big monumental leaping kitty.

It's all too easy to turn John Cena into a sort of voodoo chinese gaping monkeyliger.

Or an overly chin oriented cliche Disneyish man lion. But I haven't included my worst drawing sins.

Here's some more straightforward kitty action.

I have found cat anatomy far less 'intuitive' to grasp than human anatomy. I'm not sure if that might be an entirely instinctive issue. Also soft furry cats have less graphic lumps and softer corners than chemically enchanced oily megamen.

Here things got a bit sinister. This could almost go into the 'macabre' subsection in Deviantart. Oh dear.

I had quite cute idea about kitties emerging from triceps, but I didn't get around to rendering the joyous cute version of it.

This next one is a drawing I did of my Dad's head on a day when I hadn't eaten or drunk anything at all at two o clock in the afternoon because I was going to have a gasteroscopy. I was a bit lightheaded and made him look like 30s Clark Kent or somesuch.

Meanwhile no-reference Randy was sulking because I had neglected him and was (unsuccessfully for now) attempting to draw Brian Wilson and his brothers.

And some hastily photoshop coloured formally dressed anger management lions were also a little bit miffed at not being drawn nice and neatly but rather in a manic frenzy indicative of an unquiet mind.

Meanwhile the clench jawed Cena lions were still struggling to shake off the cheezy Disneyfication of chin which was hampering their efforts to be taken seriously as artistes.

Then some of them ended up looking a bit like they had a mask on over their real face... I quite like that idea.

Meanwhile Randy still thinks he's pretty damn sexy despite the fact I've been studiously ignoring him.

Or abstracting him into nonspecific balloon pleasure boy

In this next one, you can see a poor drawing of Dennis Wilson's playful head in the bottom right quadrant. Something may yet come of this. It takes a while for me to get confident with certain faces and find a place for them in my currently active mythology.

But really it's all about the kitties, and struggling fruitlessly with them. Yay!

Friday, November 09, 2007

Daddy cut in two with graphic chin

Here are two halves of the painting of my dad near the shed with the birthday cake. I expect I'll stick them together sometime. Scanner's a bit small for this sort of job. For this I could do with a decent digital SLR camera.

And here's a closer view of the mush.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Britney Spears

I suppose I felt sort of neutral about Britney, I didn't want to be mean to her while she's all troubled. But I persevered and tried to 'take her somewhere' in my drawings, because she's still fascinating to me in moments. Done these sporadically over past few weeks.

Pretty photoshoot photoshop Britney is a different creature to out on the town wig buying smudgy eyeliner sad trashy Britney. But she can still be interesting. It's like trying to capture the creature that they were aiming for, rather than a whole person.

But she has seemed more like a real person in recent times, if a somewhat messed up one.

I never want to be cruel in my drawings, just honest about what I see, or inventive with the things I can see.

It's hard not to give caricatured Britney huge eyes and a wide head to accomodate how far apart they are.

I used to draw britney back in '99, next to Pikachu. Now she likes to go to strip clubs and have people take pictures of her bottom.

She still scrubs up well.

Drawing her now is like drawing an elusive sort of emptiness. I hope she'll be alright in the end.

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