Saturday, December 01, 2007

Cyclops Blondes with Beards

I was playing with 80s space cyclopses and toying idly with notions of 80s space paintings. But unlike Picasso I procrastinated and did effeminate formless scribbles instead of macho fertility daubs.

I thought Bob might be a good person to start learning. He has a big wide giant's face.

Space Monkey Cyclops?

The beards still feature.

But I have been looking at ladies and seeing what they'd look like with beards.

The polite expensive doll-like classical singer Katherine Jenkins who is my contemporary...

katherine jenkins

Those were my first go. Then they got a bit richer... She's singing her way to beard growth...

(I think that's the best drawing on this blog...)

But despite that, crowds still gather to watch lumpyspine wrestle lobsterhead.


Brian said...

You're really good at caricatures, Chloe.

The Katherine Jenkins drawings here and the Britney Spears ones you did a while back are my favorites so far.

Chloe Cumming said...

Hmmm.... ladies. I like drawing menses but most human beings seem to prefer looking at bints.

d. chedwick bryant said...

you got some talent ! i like your stuff.

Andrew Smith said...

Love your work. Your drawings have an interesting old master/cubist/caricature look to them that is very addicting to look at. Keep it up!

Jason said...

Nice to look at. These feel like they just stream out of your pencil, I like how sometimes lines just prefer to be let loose. There's no telling where they end up.

Whenever we smeared the pencil with our sweaty little fingertips for shading, we got a whack across the knuckles. Is that what I see here? tsk tsk!

Chloe Cumming said...

Hi Jason

Thanks for the nice things wot you said

But no I did not smear! I think that's just some smudging that comes from prolonged hardcore graphite action. And I'm left handed which is a recipe for smudgery because I hold the pencil like a left handed miscreant. Then sometimes if the ambient smudging gets too much I use an eraser to re-establish highlights. So there.

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