Sunday, June 29, 2008

The Tyger

I started this in approximately 2003, and I only finished it the day before yesterday. With a long gap of inactivity in the middle.

It's not like something I would do now, but I quite like it. It feels like something someone else did. The colours are quite childish and the tiger is very static.

But he's alright.

Friday, June 27, 2008

joy of chalk

Now this is a bit more fun, if not actually less stupid.

I have some pastels now, but most of the colours are a bit full on. They are probably better in the long term in conjunction with more sobre media, but when you have something new, you gotta make a mess with it.

Thursday, June 26, 2008


I did some more Katherine experiments with figuring out how dark the pencils went.

sorta stopped before it went really far. She's not my muse.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Jump About in Rainbows Birthdays

My computer is not broken any more!

It's good to update a blog, oh yes.

I might do a lot of little honest updates instead of big massive ones intended to wow you and distract from rubbish drawings with better ones. I'm going balls to the wall.

Here are my birthday drawings. I have started trying to draw David Mitchell, and also I got a lift home from a wedding on Sunday and some men looked at my drawings, and the men didn't say very much but I felt like my drawings were quite contained and monochrome, and I suddenly felt like I wanted them to jump about in rainbow pony colours. Even if the colours go through a bad phase, I need to make them jump about and just bite the bullet and do it.

I thought maybe I should do an art movement called Sunshine Lollipops and Rainbowsism.

Friday, June 06, 2008

Going back to boring

Here are some drawings that have been done for a while but that didn't make the blog because of being the first stage, the conservative drawing, the boring drawing, not fun enough, etc. Just studies. Just doodles. Just learning. No particular place to go. Unfocused. Likenesses only loosely grasped.

But I was looking at some of them and thinking, they're not so bad.

Besides, I'm thinking in terms of getting more subtle, rather than getting more wild and crazy. Retracting my claws. Retreating to a state of measured moderate centredness in order to find the truth that way.

I quite like Beatrix Potter at the moment. And her scientific naturalism and love of fungus.

This next one's a mess. But sometimes, mess is what one makes.

Gosh, aren't I chaotic. It won't do. Still there's just so much nice stuff to look at in the world. It's not easy to decide.

Here is one of my last wrestler studies. Randy's uglier inner qualities are seeping out increasingly.

I've actually cancelled my Sky Sports subscription and am on a break from watching wrestling. I have broken up with it. Still, I have plenty of material still if my ambivalence lets up.

Here's when I suspended my judgments and tried to look anew at these two faces. I had been overly mean to John and overly kind to the other one, possibly. There are lots of aspects to a face. It's almost like they're alive.

Here's Katie the moon scientist before she was pink.

'Hair not pretty' I wrote.

Here's Bob having fun in zero gravity and having no boundaries.

Note the Rex rabbit 'studies' in this one.

Meditations on a waxed sex monster. These drawings often threatened to become something obscene and riddled with rudeness. But I never quite went there. That would be... a niche.

So I shall make a nicer taste by leaving the last word to Jeremy Fisher. In this picture I identify with Jeremy. Jeremy is me, or perhaps you, and the stickleback represents all the scary things in life.

NB. sorry if any of these have actually been blogged before. It's hard to remember everything. They're all familiar to me, but I hope it's from real life and not from prior blogging.
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