Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Thundermitt Cenapards!

There you go, plate cats. Munch away!

From a review of the movie 'The Marine' starring John Cena in the role of John Trident (hee hee: John Trident):

'.... exploring John Cena's two facial expressions. Some people might say he only has one, but if you look closely you'll find two. The first is the most obvious, mule-headed stubbornness. The other is more subtle, but I'd describe it as barely constrained confusion. '

From later in that same review:

'....His fingers are like cucumbers, so large they're almost incapable of doing things like grasping. His arms are so muscled they're almost immobile, in battle the guy looks a lot like an angry Tyrannosaurus. '

Now I'd say that's a little unfair. Or confused. Tyrannosauruses have tiny little claw arms.

This review was a bit like prose caricature...

But John does not have hands. Or wrists. He has meatwise embiggened Thundermitts.

I hadn't done anything that satisfied me but I had loads of drawings. So I put them on this blog.

This could go in several directions. Actually it will. So munch on that!

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Are these paintings finished?

Are these finished? Bear in mind, unfinished things look better on blogs than they do in real life.

I think this one is going to have to be finished, because it's so small and I don't want to drown its little mousey light.

This one would not be finished if it was left to me. But I painted it sort of with a commission in mind, and a different sensibility. You can see the brush strokes and that. The colour is chaotic.

The forms at the bottom are not clear or readable, which makes me uncomfortable. But my patron might like a bit of that.

This one is manic... I'm not sure quite where to go with him. The colours are dangerous on these. Less neutral than the last lot. He's a bit Vince McMahon, a bit pagan papier mache mask.

It's from when WWE were doing the 'Vince is crazy' bit just before the 'Vince explodes' bit, which they had to drop because of the real life Benoit tragedy. But Vince does have wonderful , wonderful facial expressions.

This next one is the left half of a painting that's been lying unfinished for a while. it's set in that graveyard I spoke of a few months ago. It has this big squish faced sleeping leopard thing swooping down draped in a tree.

Part of the thing is deciding whether the painting will be a fast fresh painting or a slow rembrandty crusty painting... not every way of painting is always compatible. And I'm not always good at decisions.

There there's this old thing, with Kurt who's now a bit bonkers himself. I always planned to do more to this, but now it doesn't seem necessary.

Which ones are finished? it's very hard to know all by myself.

Sunday, July 15, 2007

some but not all of the characteristics of a bee

Have you ever wondered what Ric Flair would look like if took on some but not all of the characteristics of a bee? Yes I thought as much.

So there was a drawing that had some semblance of shape about it. Here are some that are barely more than undignified puddles of regressive finger leakage. Yet they may hold the very keys to the future.

These aren't the kind of drawings I ever plan to post, then time passes and they are what I have as the traces of my thought, which I suppose is what blogging is.

And sometimes the lines I draw so fast I barely know what I've done can be the key to growing something communicative. In the meantime I hope your brain can bridge the shortcomings of these barely existent gnat farts of scrawl.

This was my pencil's initial response to Dusty Rhodes:

Then there's this (next) one, which is really rather conservative and doesn't live up to the promise of the weird squiggles... it's like a neatly coloured in little girl's birthday card, and yet it's just another signpost on the way to somewhere.

note to self: always leave plenty of room for the bottom half of Cena's face.

Also his expression isn't nearly dopey/benign enough

Friday, July 13, 2007

Elf Green Bastard Explode

This week I have been flailing in a frenzy of green and elves.

I played a computer game called Heroes of Might and Magic V and got stuck for a long time on a level with a git of an elf called Gilraen. His army kept beating me by having massively more dragons in it.

Someone wrote on a forum 'If I ever meet someone in real life called Gilraen I will punch him in the face'.

So I'm using this palette with a lot of green tendencies

I thought I might want to paint lumpy people at Tolkien conventions dressed as elves

but then I got distracted by pictures of Christina Aguilera for some reason

But mainly I'm still doing minotaurs because I have been kindly asked to

I've gone against my recent training and tendencies and gone quite mental with paint application, and colour wetness, because mother and patrons may wish it so.

Next blog might be about bees and trees. How do you like them apples!
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