Sunday, July 15, 2007

some but not all of the characteristics of a bee

Have you ever wondered what Ric Flair would look like if took on some but not all of the characteristics of a bee? Yes I thought as much.

So there was a drawing that had some semblance of shape about it. Here are some that are barely more than undignified puddles of regressive finger leakage. Yet they may hold the very keys to the future.

These aren't the kind of drawings I ever plan to post, then time passes and they are what I have as the traces of my thought, which I suppose is what blogging is.

And sometimes the lines I draw so fast I barely know what I've done can be the key to growing something communicative. In the meantime I hope your brain can bridge the shortcomings of these barely existent gnat farts of scrawl.

This was my pencil's initial response to Dusty Rhodes:

Then there's this (next) one, which is really rather conservative and doesn't live up to the promise of the weird squiggles... it's like a neatly coloured in little girl's birthday card, and yet it's just another signpost on the way to somewhere.

note to self: always leave plenty of room for the bottom half of Cena's face.

Also his expression isn't nearly dopey/benign enough


Scott said...

More catoony Dusty Rhodes please! We, and I speak here for the whole population of the Earth, love you Chloe.

Chloe Cumming said...


Well I will draw Dusty I think because of the upcoming Texas Bullrope match at the great american bash wot we don't have to pay extra to watch.

juliec said...

"...neatly coloured in little girl's birthday card..." is not what I think of looking at that picture - it's much cooler than you give it credit for, I think.

Wrestler bees - awesome.

Scott Fertig said...

I agree with Juliec.
Great/beautiful/engaging work as usual.

Chloe Cumming said...

Thank you Julie and Scott!

That little girl birthday card randy and john is sort of a step in a certain direction thought process wise...

it's not hugely imaginative, but it does INCLUDE their distinct features, esp the all important massive long thick slinky neck. It's an act of decisive editing

Chloe Cumming said...

sometimes the contrast between two faces is the thing. But I could also go funnier with it, or weirder. The observations are there waiting to be given form.

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