Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Teenage Sketchbooks

These are NOT FROM RECENTLY. I did these approx eleven years ago, when I was stupid and uneducated. This is very important to remember. I don't see any... much of anything proper in any of these old drawings, but I do see interesting things in the potential or the ideas I was generating as a youth. Just had no guidance at all.

Preoccupations: I was fascinated by beanie babies briefly in 1998 when there started being magazines about them and some of them were selling for three thousand pounds.

But also Disney princesses and shop windows. I was quite, quite mad.

I wanted to reach out to cartoons, but I didn't know how! I'm still not exactly sure.

I used to make plasticene heads and then draw them from different angles. Bless.

I was curious about the attraction to the piggy eyes of Pitt.

Then I did this Star Wars project... WTF?

But the beanie babies hadn't gone away.

And then one time I did a painting with mushrooms.

I don't know... I look at some of my old drawings and they seem so lost and sad. But at the same time there's a lot of undirected enthusiasm, if that's a thing. My lines and my shapes left without teaching or proper information, were so boring and formless.

But it's so hard to keep hold of your ears and paws these days.


julie said...

Mushrooms! :D

mary epworth said...

You don't need to be embarrased about these, anyone can see they are the early works of a mad genius.

craigp said...

that's the most artfully drawn beanie babies ever.
the vader/bear head studies are hilarious.

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