Saturday, July 19, 2008

Finished/ unfinished/ tidied up/ messed up.... it used to be a lot more yellow...

Van Gogh was a heavy advocate of yellow.

Here's an old painting that I started years ago, and sort of finished now. Though I'm not sure it's really finished. It might be called 'some men help Jesus'. It used to have a lot more stuff in it, some of which got painted out. I could always paint some different stuff back in.

And this is its previous appearance on this blog two years ago, 'bat flash jesus ghosts'.


chet said...

Greetings Chloe

I've just today stumbled upon your profile from a comment link on John K's blog.

Your work is amazing! I love the forms and weight and color of these pieces. And I am in awe of your line work, especially in the numerous caricatures and illustrations you've posted here.

The world just got a bit more interesting for me today. Thanks for sharing your work! :)

Arco Scheepen said...

Compliments (again) on this painting and of 'she who has a bucket'. Both of them are just great. Fabulous colours!

Chloe Cumming said...

Thank you Chet and Arco,

I'm really not sure that the current state of this painting is the most attractive state it's been in. So may return to it.

There are very particular challenges in returning to paintings started years before.

The painting is composed in a way and with shapes and angles and possibly techniques that I just wouldn't use if starting a painting now.

But I have so be somewhat true to the integrity and spirit of the original thing, even if the temptation is to bring it into line with something like 'my current style'. Have to be a bit patient and sensitive with it, which I'm mot sure I was entirely.

It challenges my rash assumptions about my current tendencies being better in every way to older ones.

I might find old paintings slightly embarrassing, but that's meaningless to everyone else.

trevor said...

You know, I'm a big fan of the original pink/red sketch. But, if I had to pick a favorite, I'd say this one only because it's easier to read.

Plus, there's something naughtier about the original one, and maybe that's not what you were striving for.

I dunno. Maybe it's my intentions unruly that I see in that original.

- trevor.

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