Friday, July 25, 2008

not quite things

I don't have anything satisfying that's new, but I want to update so here are some of the doodles from lately. Where am I going with these? Hmm.

Have been painting slow paintings mainly, that aren't done yet.

I got some markers for my birthday, but mainly pink and purple. I love the marks they make, but can't do an awful lot with these colours by themselves.

Simultaneously I continue to sketch the Beach Boys until I get better at it.

And here is handsome handsome Bob.


Edward Cooper said...

Hi Chloe, I missed your last comment becouse I had 2 many blogs on the go!..Sill working hard at the art, I have tried to sell on but no luck..prob need to buid up momentum!

Hope thigs are good with you! drwaings still look cool!

Jouniac said...


Just happenet to stumble across this site quite accidentally (originally I was searching Mitch Benn's myspace-page... long story) but I must say it was a very nice accident!

I like your elastic pencil lines.


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