Thursday, July 10, 2008

Brian.... almost

So last Tuesday I saw Brian Wilson at the Royal Albert Hall. Brian looms large in my imagination. Since breaking up with wrestling, Brian's been looming anew, in a different way.

Even though I've drawn Brian in the past, I've not had a really bold run at grasping the specific forms before now.

So these are quite 'early' artefacts in this particular process.

Going back in time... with biros and a grey marker pen I sort of began to loosen up. Hard to be fearless with lovely Brian.

Promise to go mental soon.


trevor said...

That Lucky Old Sod.

Ya know, if Bill Plympton spent more time working on caricature, had the propensity for language of a Mencken or Hemingway, were a bashful, beautiful Brit ( 'course, having UK blood coursing through me veins, I find all females from the Queen's Country to be at least pleasing to the eye ) and were erumpent, he'd be you.

Me? I can only produce run-on sentences and dirty pictures.

- trevor.

PS: How many holes DOES it take to fill the Albert Hall?

Arco Scheepen said...

Wow! Great portraits; you've captured Brian Wilson really well I think...

Chloe Cumming said...

Bloody hell Trevor! Wotta comment! Thanks love.

Chloe Cumming said...

Oh yes, and Bill Plympton was a formative teenage hero of mine, so double thank you. Should do more pure coloured pencil stuff again.

trevor said...

Have you seen 'Idiots and Angels'?

Or how about the video he did for Weird Al, 'Don't Download This Song'?

I especially love the contrast of sepia tone pencils vs. full colour cell work.... and how can you not love the singing sharks?

Yeah, Bill's a big hero to me too.

Say, you live in the jolly ol' UK. Do you know if Richard Williams still lives there?

- trevor.

Chloe Cumming said...

I have not seen 'idiots and angels'. But I have seen the Weird Al vid.

Not sure about your pal Richard. But I don't get out much.

I wanted to go to california and I wanted to visit all the locations in Surfin' USA, but was advised against it by people who had seen the places.

But I'm still gonna go.

trevor said...

Actually, those places are closer to MY coast of America. Jamaica, Key Largo.... wait, I'm thinking of 'Cocoamo'.

Well, get there fast and then take it slow.

Trouble with Cali, is that there's a lot of superficial people there. A lot of blokes there who are about as down to Earth as Margaret Thatcher, only far more tanned. Finding an artificial person in LA? Forget about it. It's like finding a needle in a stack of needles.

- trevor.

Chloe Cumming said...

I think my idea was that there are some really specific places and things and people that were drawing me there like little far away magnets.

Maybe I don't mind people being superficial as long as they find my accent to be 'hot' as I understand the usage of that term.

I'm just looking at your first comment, Trevor... so you find ALL British females to be pleasing to the eye? I feel a bit less special now. I guess it's the likes of bloody Knightley and Beckinsale who represent us in America and they aren't necessarily representative you see.

trevor said...

You obviously didn't see my comment on Vincent's blog. He did some cool drawing that had an uber-curvy vixen, and I went off about how I can't stand the heroin chic and love hips, curves and thickness.

Perhaps I should've been more specific. What I ought to have said is that British Lovelies automatically start off with a point or two on the grade curve. Not saying that they're all automatically a ten. Maybe it's respect for my heritage.

It isn't the accent. I used to think that it could be before Emma Watson started doing interviews and saying words that hadn't been scripted before hand ( if her entire lexicon had to be reduced to one word, it would surely be "Erm" ).

I was under the misapprehension that the accent was a reflection of intelligence.... but Emma and Posh Spice are evidence of the contrary.

- trevor.

PS: My uncle Buster ( he's U.K.-ish too ) says I ought to move to England because my accent, he says, is as attractive to British ladies as the English accent is to U.S. broads.

PPS: Every once in a while, Emma throws in an occasional "Yeah" or "I don't know" for good measure.

Chloe Cumming said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Chloe Cumming said...

I've traditionally been a bit harsh on ol' dish head Knightley, but trying to cut down on mean talk. She does seem quite nice.

Traditionally my problem wasn't that she was considered a sex symbol, (which is a strange thought) it was more that she didn't seem to be that good at acting and she was getting literally all the good roles on the basis of being photogenic from the front, and the power of suggestion.

I think another debate is... well you can't always conflate/equate beauty and sex appeal. Or even sex appeal and screen appeal. But sticking to the the first one... that's actually the thing that bothers me about the way Americans use 'hot'... it conflates 'beautiful' and 'sexy', when clearly there are mathematically beautiful people who exude not much sex, and sexy people who aren't that beautiful.

trevor said...

I remember once getting into a debate with my producing partner about whether or not a person's attractiveness can be calculated or relies purely on aesthetics. Your comment about mathematical beauty reminded me of that.

The truth is, I hadn't yet seen John Cleese's documentary for the Beeb, "The Human Face" in which the science of beauty is truly explored. But you're not going to get much of a debate from me.

I have a girl friend who finds that she's sexually attracted to certain people based solely on what they do. Now the minutiae of that, I won't get in to, but it seems that if she sees a man bimbo grow faint after saying a three syllable word, she couldn't be more turned off... no matter how cute he may be.

As for what's 'hot', I think it's become acquainted, at least on my side of the Atlantic, with one of the most physically and fundamentally ugly people on the planet: Paris Hilton.

But Americans eat ignorance for breakfast and wash it down with a big glass of Stupid, so I guess there's no accounting for taste. After all, talent isn't what got Dane Cook a career. It was the fact that he gave an agent $30,000 and said, "Make me famous".

- trevor.

PS: There's nothing 'hot' about a British accent. But when a gal's really smart, well-spoken and confident in her abilities it is most certainly sexy because the accent compliments that.

Like how lamb shanks in lemon sauce are delectable, but even better with a nice chianti. The meat is the brains, the wine is the accent.

jack raffin said...

godamn, you see brian wilson. what's he like, still got it? i keep hearing conflicting opinions on his voice these days.

jack raffin said...

by the way those drawings of brian are hilarious - in a good way. real cool looking.

Chloe Cumming said...

Hi Jack

Re Brian: Well, it's a different voice than the one he used to have, but it's HIS voice, and in real life that's a super thing to witness.

He still has his essential Brianicity. Perhaps more now than he has at various darker points in the past.

And the new band are really great. The atmosphere is good. He enjoys it.

trevor said...


I had a dream about you last night! It was super-vivid, too. I was in England visiting my uncle and some of my extended family, and we were in a pub in Highgate of all places, and someone mentioned they had just been to an art gallery at a show.

They described the artwork as being realistic but strange, and I asked the name of the artist. The man didn't know, but he had a brochure and fetched it out of his hand bag. "Chloe Cumming", he said, "delightful girl".

We took a taxi to the show and there you were. And you were so nice! And then, the dream gets fuzzy and the next thing I knew I was taking a tour of the BBC and I met Eddie Izzard somehow.

Anyway, thought I'd mention it. Weird, huh?

- trevor.

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