Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Red Meat and Ron Howard

Time for some men... the lions partially evolve out of them in times to come. Oh boy, I do love men.

I told my mum I was taking a little break from wrestling and I think that gave her false hope that I was going to stop drawing them cold turkey.

I still draw Randy Orton and John Cena, not because I have no knowledge of other, smaller, hairier men existing but because somehow I don't feel my work with them has come to fruition yet. It's a conviction that's hard to explain to those on the outside.

Don't worry mummy, I'm also painting lions. There is room in my bosum for all these beautiful children.

This one is quite careful... I may colour it in. May just move on to the next phase. No I won't colour it in. I'm too impatient to get onto the next one.

John Cena's bottom has turned out to be erumpent.

I might do a blog soon explaining a little more psychologically my interest in athletic oaf bullies and perfectly proportioned grunting dropkicking villains, maybe with the help of R Crumb and his stories about Skutch, stories of my own bodily enfeeblement, feminine delicacy, controversial things about gender and lots more.

Randy and John actually did a bit of nose to nose on Raw this week. Randy's really quite a lot taller. Randy's somewhere between a gazelle and a fifties beach bully with a touch of extra red meat. John is a waxed gorilla with a touch of extra Ron Howard.

Although in this pastel sketch, he looks a bit like an Easter Island head.

In this next page of doodles, whilst on tour in Japan Randy speaks of being more better than you. Elvis begs to differ.

Randy used to do a lot more of this sort of thing... on television... Lounge about and talk about being better than you. He's still my favourite but on occasion his face now appears spread out and lumpy compared to its previous sculpted slenderness, possibly (allegedly) as a result of steroid use. The poor lamb. Other times it looks like it just puffs up and unpuffs on a day to day basis, and three days after looking a bit uncooked he's sauntering about like Michelangelo's David again. Fascinating stuff.

Elvis, by contrast, had the smoothest face that was ever gifted to a man. Despite this I see facial parallels between these two... but it's not good enough just saying it. If I want to make points about faces I ought to be able to do it in pictorials.

Not this one though, this is just piffle.

At the very moment I wrote the word 'Elvis' just then, Ben Fogle the nice posh television presenter announced that there is a new small camel called Elvis at the wildlife park. They also played the music of Elvis on the programme to signify this small camel. All Shook Up. He is mixing very well with the other camels.

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