Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Boggy Leopard

Here's a flower, that's not a wrestler, and a leopard, that's also not a wrestler. I need to push past the novelty of not drawing wrestlers and figure out what's really going on here.

the leopard's face got a bit boggy and overworked. Where to go next?

And here's a painting by Lisa Yuskavage called Kingdom. It's in the mix, in my mental visual mixing bowl. I just wrote about it in a wordy blog about ambiguity.

Lisa Yuskavage kingdom

Here's the lithograph of the same image, which almost brings it a little closer to home. A bit closer to what I've been doing.

I look at this girl painter art and I understand something of the sensibility that arrives here.

Lisa Yuskavage kingdom lithograph

And yet... and yet... how to inject a little soul into girly art doodles... a little empathy... a little cartoon-integrity... a little honest functionality...how to be ambitious without becoming art-pretentious...

All my sketchings have been fun but I'm working on pushing them to congeal into something more together, less fragmentary... some kind of status symbol big bucks Rubensian epic is where I'm headed. Or a little further in that direction. Well, I've always had it in mind to go there. Or a little further in that direction.

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