Thursday, March 15, 2007

There's no end in sight to the bloating

Creepy alluring doll boys have evolved....

I participated in a superior exchange of MySpace comments with my friend Josh the other day. It was a collection of observations of changing wrestler physicalities, which included the following words... I wonder if you can guess which of the words came out of MY brain:

'I always fancied Cena as something of a celery stalk & pencil eraser hybrid...with bits of dead monkey face glued on throughout.'

'and how about his thighs!? Thighs to Randy are what forearms are to Popeye! Some months their more solid and other months they wiggle.'

'I worry that roids have made his face inflate'

'I know I can talk to you about these things, Josh. Most people woould find my preoccupation with the cutes and the uglies of wrestler physiognomies hard to understand.'

'Still I've got a lot of value out of that inflatey face and them little deep set glassy doll eyes.'

'Re Randy's thighs: I could really start a whole seperate blog about them, only people would think me mentally subnormal. the thighs have always been exceptional. Exceptionally enormous, but not in a grotesque way. he gets away with it due to nicely proportioned long limbs. They're kind of one of the more consistent aspects of him. They are sometimes more wobbly, and I'm not bothered either way really. But you see, thighs don't have eyes on them to get swamped in growth hormone flesh til they become mere pinpricks, so the face is the main area for anxiety.'

'But thighs with eyes... an interesting thought.'

'I think most great wrestlers combine pig ugliness with aching handsomeness to a degree.'

'I intended to begin a new era called 'twistycute'.'

'The Rock.. did you see Raw? He was on it... he looks bloody weird these days... like Latoya Jackson or.. I can't quite put my finger on it... his face is oddly skeletal now he's presumably sans roids.. he's hollowed out, he has an oddly androgynous surgery-fied kind of head. Am I making any sense?'

'I have observed in the past that his pecs seem to inflate precisely in proportion to how famous his opponent is at the next PPV, for Hogan they were immense.'

'I know he hasn't had surgery, or probably not, but his nose now has a sort of delicate porcelain look like it might fall off.'

'I think The Rock resembles a dried up bean of some kind. I'm not sure WHICH bean..but a bean. He's always possessed a bit of "beanage" to me...but now, with his more skeletal features, he looks like he's been pruning under the sun for a bit.'

'....At least his farmer/handler was kind enough to baste that face of his in lotion, to give him that blinding shine!'

'Randy's dad sort of looks like Terry Funk after having been stung 1,000 times in the face by killer bees.'

'There's no end in sight to the bloating; like a loaf of bread with WAY too much yeast in it left in the oven far too long. Explosion looks inevitable. Yet, those tiny shark/doll's eyes maintain their position.'

This next one includes the influence of an ancient Chinese lion statue on the upper left hand face, believe it or not. Or... hang on, maybe it was the drawing that suggested that this man could be an grinning bug eyed lion. It might not look like much but I followed it with several more with more specific lion activity. So I'll post those soon.

All of these rough sketches are beginning to give me clues as to which parts to elaborate, evolve and follow up on. Things could explode exponentially unless I excercise some discernment. Every scrap could potentially asexually produce many monsters.


Jenny said...

Beautiful, dreamlike, disturbing--completely inspiring. Thanks for posting them.

Chloe Cumming said...

Thank you, Jenny. Sometimes it's so nice to get a first comment!

Scott said...

You know what annoys me? You not being famous. But I don't fret over it none, as I know you will be.

William said...

I found a word for it: Fearless! You seem to be absolutely fearless in your sketchins. Scott's right, you should be famous- no shit!

Chloe Cumming said...

Dammit William that's a nice thing to say!

I hope I can continue to live up to it.

River Cocytus said...

Amazing stuff. I've always admired that clean but fluid style - something I'm not terribly good at myself.

Have you ever considered drawing graphic novels? I'm a fan of Bizenghast (which is drawn, I believe by an American gal.) I have a great appreciation for her imaginative costumes.

Anyway, just pinging ya, 'cause you dropped a line at 1C.

Chloe Cumming said...

Thank you, River, I wondered what 1C folks might make of little old me.

I don't know if I'm cut out for storytelling... I keep thinking abouyt David Lynch though. A lot of the things he says these days speak to me. I think because it all comes out of his meditation. His films tend to make more sense to me once the narrative breaks down, or blows up, or whatever you'd call it. Want to see Inland Empire. I like his reluctance to explain or reduce anything.

Sal said...

chloe, dear
thanks for commenting at OC. Your kitties have inspired me - doing a tiger head for "The Jungle Book".
How very talented you are!

Chloe Cumming said...

Thank you, Sal!

It's always nice to be of use.

bob said...

I feel incongruous. I don't feel light here. I like weight today. You have inspired some people with the drawings I've watched you create. I experience them as my life. I listened the Carter Family today. I especially enjoyed Motherless Children. I like paintings similarly. It seems a shame that anyone would draw with fear. I wonder about the sovereignty of fluidity/looseness of line in drawing. They seem a misnomer to me. We'll talk.

Jim Smith said...

One of my favorite subjects, wrestling. There is much to be gained from freeze-framing sports videos. It's all there in motion, all the stretch, squash, weight, and such. These guys are superb athletes. The Rock was a football player in Hawaii and a great subject for animation. He's funny too. I love him in a manly, rugged sort of way.

Jim Smith said...

Forgot to say, magnificent drawings Chloe. Very unique. Are you married?

Chloe Cumming said...

Hi Jim!

Thanks! Legend has it that you 'own' manly men so your approval counts for a lot.

Also it's nice that you dig the source material too.

I wish the Rock would stop doing lame films about being a football coach and renouncing his roots.

No, I'm not married.

M.Pheuz said...

hooooooly shit!!
great stuff!! really amazing!
keep it up

sagrada familia said...

This will not really work, I suppose this way.

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