Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Funtime mechanical Monkeyboys: Epic

I've been casting around for a while in the depths of a deep manscribble chasm, in search of some pertinent shapes that I will, I hope, condense into colour.


Well, I've had bugger all comments so I'll switch things about a bit!

If that drawing was confusing, it was partly influenced by this ancient chinses lion sculpture:

And this lion too:

I collected toogether a fair few images of sculpted lionhood in order to better construct my own lions, eventually.

It's all looking a bit chaotic at the moment but I assure you, bloggies, there is method to the madness etc etc.

Sometimes I draw quite fastly:

Some men are less prone to do fun things with their faces but they look a bit like aliens so that's something I can potentially work with:

These two had comically contrasting cheekbone and eyeball configurations (at the bottom is a retarded flat doodle cat):

2 scrappy headlocks:

Randy and John with bulge:

Josh's comment on this next one when I posted it on myspace: 'I love Cena's dumpling arms in that top one. It belies the monkey I see in him but it's nice seeing a radically different representation.'

My response to him at the time:

'Cena does have simian qualities, but counter to that he has short arms and legs. One of my theories about his success as a wrestler is that his physique is very immediately recogniseable in sillhouette, which is one of the requirements for a great cartoon character. It's partly recogniseable because by normal standards it's quite peculiar and if one is feeling unkind, ugly, but Vince doesn't mind that because he doesn't understand the power of male beauty and is a shameful visual-manqualities-aesthetic-autistic. Grrr!'

just two of those:

falling men:

cena face with writing:

Some of the writing from this page, which was essentially instructions to myself:

REPETITION IS BAD: make it WORTH drawing the same people a lot...

As much as a I want to get the construction right, I don't want to fall into a formula... I SEE MORE each time after all...

experiment with space, perpective, geometry... Randy's face as a contrast to Cena, emphasise nose bridge lighting that makes it look classical... + sensual top lip all curvy + full... emphasise geometry of pout... Randy is a pout-elf in comparison... some of my studies are technical but I aim to see cute...

(On John Cena) could play with perspective of his peculiar planes of slab ear jaw face... effectively cheekbones are tiny narrow little triangular things that jaw hangs off like big lollopy cartoon custard... nose somehow has to be 'right'; more intricate than you'd think.... possibly shape of cheekbone part of face is more important to do intricately and tight, the rest (bottom) can be loose and extreme and rubbery...

Idea: big tongue variations?

Cena Randy blue writing page:


By the way... I used to paint soft sad lady lumps. And slightly different sorts of fat faces. I did this giantess based on Sarah Michelle Gellar for my degree show and now she's available at cafepress:

Now back to rumpent erumpency:

blue lean thumbnails (one man leaning on another man's rump):

more falling kitty/s:

pink kitty/ kittyboy collection:

Lion Cena:

fatface headlock randy colour thumbnails:

Bye this stage I was frustrated at my self-imposed exile from the land of colour. So it creeps in in sketchy ways. Coloured pencils are a nice bridge between drawing and painting techniques... they can cover both.

very jaggedy sketchy cats and heads:

This next one was on a very loose evening page of drawings. Only afterwards I realised that I had channelled my ingrained memory of the scene in Powdered Toast Man where he rescues the kitten.

silly blue heads:

Rainbow fun time mechanical monkey boys:


Scott said...

I think it's important to see working or exploratory sketches: they expose parts of you finished work doesn't. Thanks for sharing Chloe.

Chloe Cumming said...

Oh good! I was worried about posting too many scribbles. I worry about strange things really.

Kali Fontecchio said...

Your work looks like that of a real artist! Violently etching away into the night. Feverishly and frantically drawing a figure or idea; then all of a sudden abandoning it and starting anew right next to the last image or right on top of it! The intensity is overwhelming!!! AHHHHH!!!!

Chloe Cumming said...

Oh thanks Kali!

I do sort of want to follow up the violence with a little refinement eventually. But still.

Being a real artist is a mug's game.

Brian said...

I love the ancient Chinese lion wrestler sculpture/drawing ... even the pupils of his eyes are 3 dimensional (of course)!

Truly inspiring stuff, Cloe.

Chloe Cumming said...

Dimensions are sprouting all over the place where they didn't used to be!

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