Saturday, March 10, 2007

Drawing Equivalent of Salon Hair Clippings

I've done so many loosey McLoose explorational sketches lately that I've accumulated enough oddities for a 'miscellaneous' post, which is what this is.

Here's a man slapping a duck upside its duck head:

And more cemetery reverspective confusions:

Here's a sketch of me in pants. I suppose you could call this self-portraiture of a rather low-key sort. Oh hang on, if you're American, they're not pants. Let's just call them knickers.

The bunnies and minotaurs never quite made it past the bumpy phase of their relationship. Perhaps I ought to take them to couples counselling.

Here's a sort of Mary Mary (Quite Contrary) scenario.... How does my garden grow? Kinda scribbliliy, With Rex Hackelberg beast studies and Randy Orton smugfabulous heads looming out of the bosom of the earth like smug expansively cheekboned cabbages.

This was a little cameo that might still become a painting. I posted it to my old friend Tom on myspace (not MySpace Tom)...

And Tom interpreted it for me (if you click this one, you'll find his space with his music on):

Then there was the time I got fed up with drawing Edge the wrestler and his preying mantis eyes and henceforth decided to put some effort into turning him into a cat. But then what happened was at a certain point I ended up with an entity that was neither Edge nor Cat, but some frightful abomination of a kind no one needs to see.


My Cafepress Store still exists!

bye bye!


Scott said...

I love it when we go from the sketchbook to the blog in mere days or hours or minutes.

William said...

At first I was like, what is she, fake British? She can't say pants. Then you said knickers, and I was all, okay...this time.

As soon as I have a dime to my name, I am targeting the cafepress item with the most profits.

Jim Smith said...

You're pretty fair with a pencil yourself, young lady. Thanks for blogging my blog.

Chloe Cumming said...

Hi Jim, thank you! It's a pleasure to bloggle your blog. I'll go back on day and do a comment on there with a little bit of content and meat to it.

Thank you William for your intended consumerism.

Chloe Cumming said...

'one day'

that should have been

Kristen McCabe said...

Hi Chloe. Wow! These Loosey-McLoose Drawings are fantastic! I envy your looseness.

Love those smugfabulous heads with the cheekbones of steel! Those are hott!

Chloe Cumming said...

Oh thanks Kristen! You like my smugfabulous cabbage heads! I'm glad someone does.

I used to worry about not being loose. Now I'm so loose I think my DNA might be coming apart and I may soon be a puddle.

bob said...

Dear Chloe,
We won't run out of hot water. The boiler only fires if the hot tap is on. There is no tank to empty.
Love bob.

ps. Nice drawings, you language molester.

Chloe Cumming said...

Reverspective is a word, you patronising bollocks!

Mitch K said...

Gorsh! I like when I like stuff too, and I sure do like your drawings!

Hey, I've been to your blog before... a while ago. You have a very handsome cat!

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