Saturday, January 06, 2007

Peat Brown Muzzlebulbs


I've done lots of drawings but I've been scared to show them... well not scared, but I was trying to work up to some kind of 'culmination'. I'm sort of in a process of deconstructing and reconstructing my whole picture-making process, so a lot of what I have been doing is really 'pieces' or parts and not the assembled whole.

I had fun when I got out my dip pen and some ink that calls itself 'peat brown'.

You see, Edge and Randy Orton are a tag team now. I still love Randy more, but they are quite visually comical and homo-charged and pleasingly similar in height and bulbousness, so I thought I'd make hay while the wrestlesun shone on this partnership.

So, eventually I thought I ought to colour something in.

I did this just before Christmas, I was listening to an Old Time Radio production of A Christmas Carol with Lionel Barrymore as Scrooge and Orson Welles narrating.

I'm getting the hang of controlling my colour, but trying not to be overly anal about aforementioned control.

I got the likenesses a bit better in this one possibly, but the composition is nothingy and wrong:

Here's a sketchbook page with some connected scrappy little thumbnails. If you look at the text there's some of me documenting my hurt feelings about the received wisdom regarding 'contemporary art'. the text is eighteen months older than most of the pictures.

But that's quite fun, looking at the frictions and congealings between new picture thoughts and old word thoughts.

When I was on my little Peat Brown adventure, Edge the wrestler eventually and quite according to the whims of nature, turned into a cat, and his gigantic chin became merely a muzzlebulb.


Alina Chau said...

These watercolor and ink drawings are awesome!! Great style!!

katzenjammer studios said...

Hey Chloe!

Make sure and update the link in your blogger profile to have your website. I'd like to go there and see more stuff!

I just found your blog too and I'm blown away by your draftsmanship. You're so detailed, pushed, and solid. You ROCK!

To console your feelings on recent epiphanies about the contemporary art scene, I was going to tell you to ditch that boat and hop aboard the entertainment art ship where draftsmanship is greatly appreciated. Then I remembered I was living in 2007. But hey, we need people like you to change the industry.

Keep posting your drawings! They're beautiful to look at!

Chloe Cumming said...

Hi Katzenjammer,

Well, I think possibly I'm putting one nervous foot on the entertainment art ship, but I'm concerned that thusly straddled, I may fall into the sea.

But thank you for your ace comment.

NateBear said...

wrestling never looked so fun

david gemmill said...

i like these. i thought i left a comment on them but maybe i am having some sort of relapse.......hahahah sorry. keep up the great work.

Japan said...

wow you got even better! how'd you do that! i love your workkkk havent seen you online in a while! said...

I believe everybody ought to look at this.

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