Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Liquid Bunnies and the like.

I've got myself all in a muddle, drawing too much and everything getting out of synch.
I took it upon myself to learn how to draw bunnies again.

Although I feel like the subject matter in the wrestler drawings is pretty much secondary to the formal experimentation it allows and the attmempt to express some overall energetic enthusiasm, I still wanted to balance wrestlers with something more straightforwardly cute. Maybe so that the bouncyness of my intent becomes more clear.

I've found a lot of references to use for my bunny drawings. Nature for starters. Actual bunnies in my garden.

My cat Stephen kills a lot of bunnies in the spring. Little tender cute ones. But sometimes they can be rescued.

Surely you can see why rabbits belong in wrestling!

I had to figure out how my bunnies would be put together, even if they were going to end up as mere props in the squared circle. They became increasingly more liquid.

I've also begun to get into studying Beatrix Potter's rabbits and Thumper and various other bunnies of note. There have definitely been some clever bunny observers.

On an unrelated note, I just found a blog that an Australian lady called Ethel wrote about me. I think she likes my grey blog but she says not to read it on an empty stomach. From this frivolity about about Benjamin Bunny and Thumper you wouldn't think I was a thought-wrangling hardcore maniac, but clearly I am.

So perhaps I might try to have dense rich layers of many consistencies, like layers of heavy thought-rigour fudge, and layers of whipped bunnycream too, as we have observed today.

I'm going to try some tags. tell me if I've done it wrong:

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mootie said...

Great post Chlo, I'm liking the bunnies and I really enjoyed reading Ethel's blog...isnt the internet a wondrous thing

Marc Deckter said...

(Warning: long comment ahead!)

Hi Chloe,

This is great! I love the liquid bunny direction. I am really excited to see how they get incorporated into the wrestler drawings/paintings.

It's funny - I never read the Beatrix Potter books when I was younger, but I strangely have strong memories of her Peter Rabbit illustrations. I solved this mystery when I went home for the holidays last month. Going through the cupboards looking for cups, to my surprise I stumbled upon a set of Peter Rabbit dishes, bowls and plates! I then started to vaguely remember that I used to really love eating from these pieces of dishware when I was a little kid.... haha, its funny the things you forget about but still stick with you somewhere in the back of your brain.

Anyways, glad to see Beatrix has become an influence on your project!

Looking forward to more!

Chloe Cumming said...

Hi Marc,

The sudden mention of Beatrix Potter has nothing to do with that horrendous looking new movie with Renee Zellweger. Just wanted to make that clear.

I think I got the Tale of Ginger and Pickles in my christmas stocking a couple of years ago. There's an edge of danger in the stories, and even though sometimes the animals are being all civilised and running village shops and doing their accountancy, the cats and foxes still try to eat the rabbits and the mice.

Marlo Meekins said...

These are really great sketches- i love your realistic drawings that you draw cartoonier. really exciting

Sorry i didnt comment earlier-

i love beatrix potter!

Her parents were really crazy and wouldnt let her get her portrait painted because they were afraid it would make her "vain" and cocky!!!

see ya chloe!

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