Thursday, September 28, 2006

Scientific progress in fluff, bunnies and glistening boymen


(Kurt says that)

(It signifies intensity)

Here are some drawings and paintings that reflect my thought processes, but are still part of a build-up to something more big and whole.

I began this painting of a rabbit in some specific fluffy vegetation and being overseen by an evil Ortonish sneaky manboy.

It feels like a condensed exercise in figuring out the mechanics of how my next paintings will be constructed. It’s in acrylics which allow for quick changes.

Here’s the fluffy plant that visually interested me so. I took the photo on the way home from the gym, my buttocks still warm from their herculean efforts.

And now here’s the painting in its current state, a little bit cleverer and more advanced:

(I did the last session while I was watching the end of season 2 of Lost. I think I missed a couple of visual plot clues because of it.)

I keep meaning to come up with some mindblowingly cute self-portrait to use as a new avatar and myspace picture. But then every time I draw myself I end up looking like a deranged hag. And also I’m not nearly as interesting as lumpy testosterone charged glistening boymen.

In a phone conversation with my friend Scott, I came up with the insightful gem of a statement: ‘I like faces, but I like arses too.’

And here’s how the rest of that page grew:

Oh Randy, you throw yourself about so beautifully, but where are your eyeballs?

Speaking of Scott, I did a couple of initial Bob and Scott studies just to get a feeling for how easy they were going to be. Scott was surprisingly easy. His eyebrows are the key to him.

He’s the one with the dinky bow tie.

I can’t pretend I haven’t drawn any wrestlers though. I’m afraid I have.

John Cena: what was God thinking when he forgot to finish whittling you?

When we fed Cena’s head into the genetic celebrity face-match finder, there were no matches. It’s because he looks like an action figure more than a human.

He is inexplicably worshipped in India.

Sometimes when I’m trying to plan way-out paintings with plant life and punching, it all gets a bit scribbly.

In this next one I made Randy look like Sloth from the Goonies. By accident. I’m not sure I’d show him this if he came round for tea.

In my sketchbook I do loose limbed doodles by which I try to think. You have to start somewhere. Humble beginnings.

I wanted to paint Randy looking scrunched next to some holly to see how my acrylic technique has evolved. Everything I do is like an anal little experiment at the moment. But I think I needed this phase after many a long day getting swallowed up in the haze of relentless painting slog.

Here’s the painting a little bit further along.

Bob said it was turning into a Vice Reeves Elvis. This was not intentional. I’ll show you what a Vic Reeves Elvis looks like in a sec.

It’s interesting painting in acrylics again. I’m very aware now of the strengths and specific qualities of acrylic as opposed to other kinds of paint. It’s great for fast opaque changes and adjustments in drawing along the way. The opacity feels a bit ugly compared to my oil and watercolour paintings, but you have to milk the strengths of each one for all it’s worth, and something good will emerge.

Vic Reeves was a favourite comedian of mine during my adolescence. He also draws and paints. He only ever seems to do anything to amuse himself primarily, which can make him a bit complacent and lazy, but I still have a soft spot for him and sometimes I feel I could get a little bit more complacent and lazy myself occasionally.

When people prefer my phone doodles to the paintings I have spent hours of thought and labour on, that’s really…ggghgg… annoying.

And I know John K would disapprove of aspiring to draw like people who draw in a deliberately naïve cheeky sort of a way. Mmm, frictions.

Bye bye for now, kind blog readers.

I hope you’ve seen something that’s been worth stopping for.


Scott said...

I love the Randy-Rabbit picture; I think it really shows the maturation of the themes you've been developing recently. Also, you make me look good.

Scott said...

I love the Randy-Rabbit picture; I think it really shows the maturation of the themes you've been developing recently. Also, you make me look good.

Scott said...

I said that twice it seems.

Shawn said...

Yes, I like it! I like it all!

You make me feel lazy. But you inspire me to do something usefull.

How many hours to you typically spend on each painting?

Marlo Meekins said...


I admire you! stunningly beautiful, angelic and a unique character . You are some kind of female jackpot. I'm in love.

I imagine you delicatley floating around your squat hobbit house on an olive green mountain. Little wet-eyed lambs and chipmunks devotely tag after while you tend to your fluffy Dr. Suess landscape.

I always try to visualize you painting, you probably wear a patchwork smok and have an austere expression. The obscure experiences influence and mostly just self-indulgence make your observations and designs eccentric and extravagant. I'm fortunate to take pleasure in it.

Visit for a social call and "holiday" here in LA, you have fans here!

I would show you my long-hair grooming techniques where you can actually remove split ends without removing the length.


Marc Deckter said...

Great post!

I love the rabbit paintings!

Incorporating the plants with The Cena is an exciting path too - can't wait to see more....

So who's this Vic Reeves guy?

Chloe Cumming said...

Marlo, I don't know how to do justice to your spectacular comment.

Self indulgent in a good way... I hope?

I think maybe I'm like Kevin in Home Alone, I'm been left without the guidance of elders for long enough now that I don't eat ice cream all the time and I say grace and set the table by myself and I'm aware of trying to be virtuous.

I do tense up my face a little bit.

I do want to visit and learn about grooming. It's about time.

Chloe Cumming said...

Marc... Vic Reeves is a British (Northern, it is a very particular sort of Northern-originated humour) TV comedian who sort of specialises in visual absurdist self indulgence. He has a sidekick called Bob, just like me. He has been funny in the past.

Here is some text and some retarded bird pictures of his.

Marc Deckter said...

Thanks for the Vic Reeves description - I found some of his comedy on YouTube - funny stuff!

Da said...

The fluffy plant is Rosebay Willowherb. It grows in disturbed places.

Chloe Cumming said...

Thank you Da!

it grew on the grassy bank near the leisure centre.

I like the swoopy bits.

Here are two of my favourite Vic and Bob bits ever that I found on YouTube:

Action Image Exchange



dex mission said...

i love the flesh... are you familiar with jenny saville? if not, you might really like her paintings...a google image search link is below:

Marlo Meekins said...

self indulgence is pure and honest, and makes your work honest and real and really strong!

I think it's super rare for artists to make really original and fantastic work becasue they feel like they need to produce super-marketable drawings. or drawings just to prove they are better than someone else, to to appeal to a group of people for social acceptance. The best work comes from people who do it for love and entertainment.

Being yourself is important. Dr Suess (who i am a huge fan of) said something like "be who you are because the people that mind don't matter and the people that matter don't mind."

in conclusion, i love your work and i am learning from you. said...

The dude is totally right, and there is no suspicion.

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