Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Man-Head-Crevice Sproutage

So here are some recent scribblings.

I’m trying to evolve myself in a forward direction as usual. Everything feels all urgent and dynamic in my head. I don’t know if that’s what it looks like. Probably just looks like more boring old wrestler drawings to the layman.

I am trying to make my drawings and paintings be ultimately of one purpose, and that’s a technical challenge but it’s also about sort of overcoming the compartmentalised technical challenges of my various media and giving myself a feeling of a unified vision.

It’s also about getting man-meat and flowers in the same pictures.

That was a page from my sketch book. Note the instruction to ‘be more erumpent’.

I’m painting a painting with a rabbit in it. So those were some drawings of the rabbit.

I started trying to give equal weight to flower studies and man-head studies. But Randy was getting a little bit habitual here so I did some biro scribblings to loosen myself up. Biro is good for the soul.

So there they are.

Also good for the soul, I think, is working on cheap paper… helps to loosen me up and get over my uptighteries. I start these drawings as if they are purely for my own loosening and for no other external purpose, not for showing or anything. But that makes them more betterer in a way.

That was a painting that’s still not exactly finished. It has existed through several of my recent micro-phases and has been bashed about from pillar to post by them, as by a storm at sea.

It has a problematic Jesus figure in the middle. He’s a bit weedy.

Some more thumbnail sketches there… I hit on the revolutionary idea of drawing the man-heads of the men in my life, rather than the men in the magical ring of meat grappling… I thought I might draw my friends Bob and Scott in a similar spirit to the way I draw Randy and Kurt together. Bob and Scott have never actually met, but in my mind they could potentially have comedic chemistry.

‘Whilst intangibles intensity radiates all over the place’ I seem to have written that.

That one was mostly done whilst watching a reality show called ‘How do you Solve a Problem like Maria’ where Andrew Lloyd Weber looks for Marias for the Sound of Music.

Lots of biro ink was spilled on this one. Actually, it never spills, that’s the beauty of the invention. Yes Randy has sprouted flowers out of his lug holes. I feel I’m moving a bit further away from cartoony concerns with these, my drawings and paintings are kind of in a retarded way beginning to coalesce… is this what I want? What have I learned? Hmmm.


Marlo Meekins said...

i love your drawings

i like when you have a serious that look animated

like 2 or three drawings that are similar

... what i like the most is that you spend a lot of time with your craft.

Shawn said...

I love how your art constantly evolves. I'm not sure what direction it evolves to, but it always seems to progress in some way or another. I saw that happen back when you said you were learning how to loosen up due to your inspiration from cartoonists, and now again that you've decided to put more of yourself into the mix again. I like how a lot of what you post is also studies, and you seem curious about what you can do next, like as if your art is jazz! It's never dull or stagnant to me. It's always exciting!

Marc Deckter said...

Great post! The rabbit sketches are awesome.

Yes indeed - biro is good for the soul.

Meaty flowers! Whoa! I'm curious to see where this experiment leads to.....

Marlo Meekins said...

I always think about your cooking domestic post. i took a picture of the chicken mushrooms and zucccini imade today

I might copy you

Scott said...

I'm going to be in a chloepicture! As Marlo said in an earlier comment: Oh boy oh boy oh boy oh boy oh boy oh boy!

Ces said...

Wow. I have been to your site before but I never thought you were versatile in the kitchen. I could not remember your blog name the last time I visited so I just looked for "Chloe" and I am glad I found you. If you don't mind, I would like to add you to my links.

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