Sunday, September 10, 2006

Pictorial Diary of a Domestic Task involving lots of Fat

I was going to blog about meat

(actually I already did that in my other blog

Maybe about George Herriman

Maybe about my bottom

In an effort to be more regular with the blogging… then I got in a fluster of indecisiveness, which made me put it off. Irony!

Then yesterday I decided to document my cooking of a roast dinner for Bob. Bob is my housemate. He is large and eats a lot.

I am a lady and I nibble.

I also took one or two pictures of paintings. You’ll notice when they come up. They aren’t chicken.

Well, here’s the chicken. The one that came with garlic attached was cheaper than the one that didn’t.

The clock in our kitchen is well classy.

And Kurt’s face has got fatter again. I’m using a wider variety of brush sizes these days. Also going back to the old Rembrandt trick of dark thinned oil paint seeping into the cracks of dry textured underpainting.

The whole thing has become more meaty. Meat, fat, meat, fat. Man meat.

A major component of the popularity of my roast dinners with Bob is the stuffing. One of the secrets is how much saturated fat there is in it. See how I fried lots and lots of bacon in frothy yellow butter.

Joyce the cat stood on the window sill having mental problems whilst I buzzed around the kitchen washing up as I went along like some kind of domestic ninja.

The stuffing also has dried apricots in it. Bob likes sweet things as well as fat. His tastes are varied.

Meanwhile, I have started some mental paintings of flowers growing out of men’s heads, erumpently. I’ll post some drawings along these lines very soon. But I even started an oil painting of it. You can kind of see the erumpence building, though it’s still a bit murky.

I had made a banoffee pie the night before. It was in the fridge.

We say pudding. Americans say dessert. They mean something else when they say pudding.

Bob has been going through a ‘cream phase’.

When bob got home from work, he was very excited about the nice food that was going to be in his tummy. Note natty cycling helmet.

I’m not sure that’s the most flattering picture of Bob. Here’s one where he looks much more graceful. See how his nose is heading in one direction whilst his adams apple has other ideas.

Here’s the dinner all assembled. It has bread sauce, leek and cauliflower, potatoes, parsnips, stuffing, chicken and gravy.

Here he is sitting beneath the mighty wall of wrestler drawings.

Soon I’ll post a bunch of scans of drawings I’ve been doing. They will reveal more of my earnest thoughts about the earnestness of reality.

Perhaps this post has provided an insight, in the meantime, into my life and lifestyle.


Shawn said...

This post made me feel like I was just hanging out with you at your home. GOOOOD times! The photo of the meat cooking in bacon fat and yellow butter looks tasty, but makes my heart hurt just looking at it. I looove heart-attack flavored food! Bob looks like a fun fellow to ride bikes with. Your walls look like mine, with all the fun scribbly drawing all over them. Thanks for the tour of an evening with the one and only exuberant Chloe!

I call pudding "pudding" AND "dessert". Desserts that are not pudding, I just call "dessert", or "cake". Either way, I like to eat lots of it!

Marc Deckter said...

I like this new "dinner and paintings" style post! This should be a regular feature here!

Chloe Cumming said...

I think the confusion over the pudding/dessert issue is that we call any dinnertime sweet dish pudding, including 'pudding' the substance, ie christmas pudding etc. Whereas American would call dinnertime sweet stuff dessert, whilst pudding is strictly a substance. We call is dessert sometimes too.

There is a thing called 'pudding wrestling' in fact.

Chloe Cumming said...

N.B. The kitchen clock never shows the correct time.

Chloe Cumming said...

Marc: I am going to try to get into the swing of more documentary elements. It may help people to understand where exactly I'm coming from, given that they've never basked in my presence personally.

mootie said...

buzzing around the kitchen washing up as you go?.............
Now i AM impressed....

Chloe Cumming said...

Yeah I'm getting the hang of it.

I had a epiphany.

And we were watching a lot of Anthea Turner progs.

Marlo Meekins said...

this is an excellent post!

i love man meat, from what i remember.

bob is cute, btw. i secretly wish more guys had long hair

Chloe Cumming said...

Incidentally, not only is the clock extremely classy, it also never tells the right time. In fact it might not work at all.

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