Saturday, April 17, 2010

2003, into 2004

2003, into 2004....

Beach Boys, Brighton, crusty painting, high faluting ideas, specific palettes...

Crusty etheriality...

Not long after I graduated, I discovered the Beach Boys and Brian Wilson, and I found this gave me a good deal more to believe in.

At the time I lived in Brighton, in a little terraced house on a steep road opposite a nice little church with seagulls on the roof. I was in the real world now, except I wasn't.

I was unabashed about being soft and having feelings.
(Goodness knows I always have to have something to be unabashed about. I'm pretty much abashed about everything else.)

Part of me finds these a bit namby pamby. Part of me accepts them as part of the past. Part of me quite likes the naive qualities and sometimes I think if you stick with naive qualities you attract people.

but it was all a bit fragile, breakable by unbelievers ... and by my self-doubt

and you can't sell your feelings and your sincerity very easily

though I remain unsure what you can sell very easily.

and the things you're sincere about change....

1 comment:

Jorge said...

That's the greatest drawing and painting of Brian I've ever seen! And I like the one of Mike Love. You actually made him look likable!

I just went back and reread all your posts that I had missed, they're great! It's awesome to see your early paintings!

I also loved the old ones you did of Dennis. He had such a great fucking voice. "It doesn't' have to be perfect, it's just to be kind of, you know, honest."

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