Saturday, October 17, 2009

Some Cartoon Learning

For the past few months I've given some time to being a humble student of cartoons.

I'm posting these partly for Hannie, who likes them, maybe more than some of my other work which is difficult and weird.

Copying is good

I wish I had been taught that at school

This has made me better at drawing.


Kali Fontecchio said...

These are amazing!

pumml said...

Very nice, Chloe!

Oscar Grillo said...

Most animators copy, and what's more, they copy themselves!!

But seriously, the loveliness of these drawings is because your innate understanding of the style of the period. You see, most people could draw like this only as if they "imitated" the style. You drew it as if the style was yours to start with!

The only other person I've seen drawing this way was my now defunct friend Daniel Melgarejo.

Sean Wiig said...

Somehow, even when your drawings perfectly capture the original, they shines so conspicuously with your signature.

Chloe Cumming said...

Thanks everyone! Gosh I really didn't think they were that special.

Thank you especially Oscar, your comment means a lot. If I'm going to evolve a cartoon style, it will be based around late 30s/early 40s rounded stuff.. the stuff even Disney seem to have given up on.

sunny kharbanda said...

Wow. The combination of your kinetic, flowing lines and the new solid construction skills you've been learning is compelling!

These characters leap off the page, but not in a contrived, overdone way.
Thanks for sharing!

thomas said...

nice drawings! Your characters always have a lot of "character".

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