Sunday, October 11, 2009

Girls Aloud Melt my Brain

I wanted to draw lady pop stars, and the pull of Girls Aloud is just TOO MUCH TO HANDLE

My brain has been totally bunged up. Just so you know, here's one of my current lists of future blogs/ projects:

Brett Anderson's nosebleeds in watercolour

Indie Meets Wrestling

Slightly Caricatured Silly Symphonies Special

Barney Bear Redux

Self as Preggo: Observed and Cartooned

Misc Unblogged Straight laced Cartoon Studies

90s wrestling in oil pastel EXPLOSION

Kitties in Style of Blinky Bill/ Wilfred/ Durer/ Peake

Vanguard Paper Britpop

Maps and Plans for Schemes and Lands

Breasts Movement Study Communication

Biro to pencil to biro MMA fighters


Da said...

I think they look like Bugs Bunny sometimes. How come you are compelled to draw them?? Would you say that your postmodernity is increasingly ludically inscribed?

Chloe Cumming said...

I don't know Da, you read more about postmodernity than me. Nice question though.

Part of the reason they are a fertile subject is that there are websites with hundreds of thousands of reference picture of them on. Which is a bit mundane, but there you go. Also because they're now, they have an awful lot of costume and hairstyle and body shape changes that make things more interesting.

Also once you've drawn something once, the impetus is there to come back and get into it more richly, grasp it more firmly and do more playful things.

Oscar Grillo said...

As MARVELLOUS as always. Chloe, you are a star!!!

thomas said...

Got three words for you Bee -Yon- Say...

Great drawings. I'm more drawn to the ones with the red pastel hair; that the hair is not really integrated on to the figure, and the way the cartoony head sits on the less cartoony body, works well, in a cut and paste -y kind of way.

Anonymous said...


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