Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Old Thing

More old stuff.. a poster for one of those art show thingies that we kids used to put on right here and now by ourselves. This is I guess from 2000 or 01. 01 I guess. I started having retrospectives quite early.

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trevor said...

I note on that sign that this fantastic event was near Teddington.

Speaking, as you were, of Python, did you know that Teddington Locke was where they filmed the pointlessly silly 'Fish Slapping Dance'?

Also, "Frog and Bob" reminds me of a very funny sketch that Peter Cooke did ( of course, he's the funniest man England ever saw, so calling it very funny is a tad redundant ) about a restaurant he'd opened up called 'The Frog and Peach'.

- trevor.

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