Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Notsupercocky Thunderbullocks Ho!!

I've been trying to puzzle me out some minotaur shenanegizing.

Not feeling super cocky today, but it's nice to do a blog.

I found a cracked celtic man I liked I think I might incorporate his cracks

Also painted this banisters woman. She's a bit wimpy compared to the others. I'm working on a more robust sister.

To get a grip on minotaurs, one first has to deal with cattle and menboys

And then what happened was it was my birthday and I stopped hitting myself with sticks and allowed myself one drawing of pure demented wrestlehomo campjoy.

John Cena is Liono and Randy Orton is He Man.

I ought to have some minotaur paintings soon, since I have been commissioned to do one anyway.

There are still a lot of tussles and grapplings in figuring out how to paint right. It never gets easysmooth.


Scott said...


I want to see want you do with Mumra. And, indeed, anything you decided to make appear with your fingers.

Chloe Cumming said...


is what mumra says.

Mumra is the ever living so he must be still knocking about.

Chloe Cumming said...

Did you notice that my initial minotaur has a fetching moustache?

juliec said...

I wanted to be a Thundercat when I was little :)
Your guys look way better though.
Happy Birthday!

Chloe Cumming said...

Hi Julie

Everyone wants to be a thundercat.

Though Cheetara never seemed right because I couldn't run.

Actually at one point I used to want to be simply a cat. I thought that would be the best thing ever. I thought I'd be so cool and impressive if I was a cat.

Chloe Cumming said...

NB it strikes me now that that He-man Lion-o drawing is a bit fanfic slash fic and a bit deviantart in character. I do not normally succmb to such cheap popculture referencing buffonery.

Oh well, bullocks.

twas a birthday card to myself, almost.

Chloe Cumming said...

that word should have been 'succumb'

Chloe Cumming said...

I'm talking to myself here

Chloe Cumming said...

I'm worried my cleavage is showing

Chloe Cumming said...


Chloe Cumming said...

was that other word

drips of paint said...

Hi chloe

Wow, you do know how to draw. You draw with power.

Love the way you paint too, like to see more if possible.

By the way...cleavage is showing, but I am not looking.


Chloe Cumming said...

Hi Drips of Paint!

I had a quick squizz at your painting blog and I really like your animal paintings.

I must redo my sidebar blog links. Put in more of my allies.

Thank you. It is nice to know that something that I do at least appears to have power.

Okapi Figment William said...

WOW this is amazing !!

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