Thursday, August 17, 2006

Dreamboats and portals

Time for some actual new bits.

That was one.

Not finished.

Well I told the wrestler Gregory Helms I was going to draw him. Then he seemed quite keen on the idea, so I thought… OK I’d better make it look a little bit like a MySpace profile picture.

But that might mean it needs to be a bit boring and flattering…

He proved tricky because he looks more like a real human being than the lumpen hypergrapplers I normally favour doodling.

I wanted to do like an otter with Gregory’s face to accessorise him, never quite got round to it…

Could make his likeness more weird and interesting if I found the energy…

Maybe I’ll work on it before sending any of this crap his way.

Here’s Gregory and his wooden brother, but which is which?

I’m not quite sure what to say about this next one….

But my favourite’s still the endlessly lovely Randy.

Now there’s a face with funlumps.

I took it upon myself the other week to begin the process of cross breeding him with some holly.

Here’s how we began:

I saw the potential for holly-derived lines in Randy’s facial contours. I picked some actual holly on my way back from the gym, and found the actual leaves were a right old pain in the bottom to draw… I dispensed temporarily with the actual leaves, but retained some of their prickly influence.

Randy moves his smug boyman face in an artfully loathsome fashion.

I love drawing him… his face seems like some kind of portal to way-outness.

Sigh… isn’t he dreamy?

Now… remember this old chestnut?

It’s still not finished. But I seem to be making a tradition out of posting its progress.

There’ll be more to say or more to see soon…

I want to return to one of the original stated purposes of this blog, and condense some of my big thoughts into digestible form here.

When I was talking to Marlo about blogs and blog performance anxiety, I theorised to her that it’s good to update regularly because it helps people to feel like they’re in touch with you (more relevant to her since she actually has fans)… but I need to take my own advice.

Cartoon people teach me lessons about eloquent & concise little lumps of communication…

So stay tuned while I redefine my purpose in front of your very eyes!


Marlo Meekins said...

i am the first to comment oh boy oh boy oh boy oh boy ohboyohboyohboy

Marlo Meekins said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Marlo Meekins said...

First i would like to say, i am so proud that we are friends. Your words and paintings entertain me. I love you.


Marlo Meekins from New Jersey

Clarke (Csnyde) said...

Thanks for the myspace comment Chloe.

Really love these new and varied approaches you seem to constantly be throwing about. Even with all of the variety, they always definitely read "you" though with your signature vibrant energy and no-holds-barred approach just busting out at all the seams.

basically I like your work - if that isn't blatantly obvious by now.

What I would do to be able to sit and actually watch you manically create one of these brilliant pieces.

Scott said...

If Gregory Helms don't like that picature his eyes have fallen out and his brain has come loose. What with all the wrestling.

Chloe Cumming said...

Scott: He liked it!

I wonder if the baby seal eyes didn't bug him a little bit though

Chloe Cumming said...

Marlo... I think I might... love you too!

And your comment makes me feel all special and hot in my tummy.

Validation! Hoorah!

Chloe Cumming said...

Clarke: I'm so happy that you read my work as being exuberant and unrestrained... and varied

I feel so uptight compared to cartoonists... I've been giving myself the instruction 'Be more erumpent!' today.

han said...

oh my goodness, ok here i am commenting. these pics look nothing like what i've seen you do before...well not nothing like really, but you're gettin pretty frikkin good at this aren't you? i really, really like them. is that just pencil/watercolour? you're a very clever bean, at the risk of incurring wrestling wrath, i don't have a frikkin clue who any of them are. but they have floaty muscles and luscious bulbous lips. they`re very coherent, is that the word? which i don't always associate with you my love, but i like it. a wooo hooo. xx

han said...

coherent is good by the way. i mean in this instance. i'm not entirely sure what i'm talking about but i mean it sincerely. x

Shawn said...

Chloe "owns" beefy men! Have you ever considered drawing lumoxes? I think you would be a natural!

But you also own color! I've been painting more recently, and now I think of your approval when I blend colors (you make me jealous). Hahaha! I would be curious to see you paint something using nothing but black, white and grey tones. I'll bet you could make grey tones stunningly beautiful!

P.S. The painting of the blue man in the middle reminds me of U2 guitarist, the Edge. Heheheh!

Chloe Cumming said...

Yeeees, he does look like Edge in that one.

My mum is a big U2 fan, always has been, she talks about them as if they were her children.

Gosh thanks for saying I own beefy men, that's quite a compliment. And usually I don't even draw the bodies, just beef enhanced heads and necks. I could make more of it I'm sure.

Thank you for compliments about colour too... John K thinks I paint foggy. I'm dealing with that idea right now.

Foggy boggy froggy doggy

Chloe'smum said...

I dont think he looks like the Edge at all at all.......

Shawn said...

I guess I can understand why John would say you paint "foggy". I think the way you blend colors is very interesting. Perhaps if you exaggerate the dark and light colors of the subjects, it may bring out the shapes more and also help them to stand out better from the backgrounds. One piece of useful information I've learned while working with graphite is to push your "darks" and "lights". Darker shadows, and more highlights. Maybe that information can be applied to painting as well.

But I feel completely out of place giving an expert artist such as yourself my ignorant opinions. I feel like I'm explaining to Bruce Lee the best way to kick someone. I know I couldn't do it. Your art usually just leaves me speechless.

P.S. Hello, Chloe's mum!

C.R.Cavazos said...

lovely artwork. I wish you upload much more so we can see it and... validate! :D

Chloe Cumming said...


WELL... re the John K critiques, thus far he really hasn't given me much to go on, so I'm rather conjecturing about his meaning, I can't even remember now if 'foggy' was the word that he used. Also, he has his gig, I have mine.

As much as I respect him as my bossy elder and all that.

I want him to give me more words to conjure with. I can take it!

When I draw I quite naturally go for a full tonal range... painting's a more complicated kettle of fish, but sometimes it's good to remember basic stuff and not disappear up one's own rear-mounted holes.

I'm actually working on some acrylic paintings now that are in danger of being quite marvel comics-ish in their flat colour and stuff.

chloesmum said...

Hello back to you Shawn, its a bit funny having a "conversation" with someone I dont know on Chloe's blogsite but actually i do feel as if I do know you a little bit cos I've been a kind of silent watcher and reader of all my wonderful daughters' stuff ( and the reactions to it) eversince she started her blogging. Its all a source of much joy and en-joy-ment to me and I'm hoping to have my own myspace in the not too distant future so that I can join in more properly. In the meantime hello to all Chloe's friends and may the longtime sunshine upon you all
xx Sue.

NARTHAX said...

Your stuff rocks. Sorta Francis Bacon, had he enjoyed life and consumed more pork.

Chloe Cumming said...

Thank you Mr Narthax.

I see the Bacon thing, you're not the first to say it.

But I confess I find actual Bacon stuff somewhat ugly and pointless.

So I'm glad I've got some pork-consuming joy over him.

Hello my mummy, thank you for joining in.

Scott Fertig said...

Very Freudian. Great work!

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