Thursday, May 04, 2006

no leaf dragons as yet

Soon I’ll be posting you leaf dragons and figuring out how to be craftily profound and emulate Rembrandt again.

But in the meantime I am possibly further off the trajectory of my rocker than in the last post.

I sat and giggled at that drawing last night while tired and sitting on the sofa. Possibly at my incompetence, possibly at my competence, possibly at their faces.

The Randy on the far right was not boyish enough. Hence the one in the middle. He's hard to draw face on, no interesting contours are visible. John Cena melted.

Then there was this little compulsive monstrosity:

cena randy ridiculous painting

If you don't know what the originals look like, they look a little bit like this. Except in my mind they look more like my drawings.

Now I am going to add a little bit to this post. I wanted to be brief, but not so brief as to baffle with insufficiency of information. So am I adding a little something.

Most of the pictures I do of wrestlers aim to be beautiful and delicate. These ones aren’t, they aren’t quaint or ladylike, but whatever they are, I feel like I’m going through some really particular learning process. To sit down and monkey with the contours of somebody’s face is quite a curiously empowering experience. It has made me remember what’s possible when I sit down to draw, things that I could not have held or envisioned in my head. Things to do with manual dexterity and visual… IQ, I guess. Challenging my visual smartness.

Even though these are extremely frivolous and that’s mainly the point, I feel like attacking my next pompous and ambitious projects with a similar level of robustness and confidence. It’s something simple about the infinite potential of just sitting down and drawing, thinking with lines.

And I may need to alert some wrestling fans to these little bastards.

Because my mum just said ‘hmmmmmm’

And I hope to do a grey blog today.

Then I scribbled some fairies and crap for illustrations for a letter I'm writing.

maria sketches


maria fairy

And I've been writing lots of revolutionary thoughts in my grey blog.

Oh I also have a myspace now. You can be my friend if you like.

And here's something slow and slightly spooky and slightly more like what I'm going to be doing next:


Gabriel said...

I love the owl. I had seen it already, as I've looked through all galleries in your site, but still nice to see it again. I'll wait for the new stuff in the same vein.

Chloe Cumming said...

Hi Gabriel,

Well… the thing is actually my next projects are going to be like a zillion times better faster and more visually arresting than that owl thing. Sometimes I want to delete all my old crap and start again. But thank you.

I think what I was getting at was that the next stuff will be sort of a bit more dense and serious than quasi-competent drawings of wrestler heads.

I just feel like all my interests are too bitty and far apart and fragmented, and I’m going to have to do something spectacular to bind them all together into a palatable mush…

Josh "Just What the Doctor Ordered" Heisie said... are an amazing artist. I don't watch wrestling, but the pictures are entertaining none the less.

That last owl picture really disturbs me...what is it?!?

~Josh Heisie

Chloe Cumming said...

Hello Josh!

Well, the owl picture is a picture of a barn owl, most picturesque of native English owls, but funnily enough behind him is the bloodied face of Randy Orton who is a wrestler wot I already drew on the blog. He has a handsome boyman face and he could bludgeon you soundly to death with his cheekbones.

I had a little look at your blog, I like your sense of manliness.

Wrestling, manliness, blood, owls, it's all going down.

Josh "Just What the Doctor Ordered" Heisie said...

Whoa, I get it now...I spent quite a while trying to figure out which part of the head was which...It all makes sense now, and it's still quite unsettling.

Thanks for checking out my blog...old manly magazines are fun.

mayo said...

Hi, Chloe ( ^ ^ )
I jumped here from Gabriel's Blog .( Thanks Gabriel !!)
All of your drawings are physical beauty and unique .
I feel as if these artworks are lifelike .
I can't get artistic quality like you .
... I'm still learning.

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