Saturday, April 22, 2006

Handsomeness Engulfment

One post on its own on a new blog looks completely sad and depressing, I’m going to have to cheer this thing up a bit.

And I already got some feedback so I’m getting hungry for attention now. I shall turn into a blog monster.

I’m going to have to just tell you now: I draw wrestlers a lot. And paint them. I’ve tried to explain aspects of my fascination with wrestling before, but here’s for pictures. (if you click on any of these you can see the whole page that they come from at a nice big size):

There are some Randy Orton studies. In which Randy becomes engulfed by his own voluminous handsomeness. I understand his face so much better now!

Lots of faces. I get obsessed with faces and neglect to give them bodies. There'll be more whole people in some new compositions soon I think. Need to get as obsessive about manipulating space as I am about manipulating FACE.

Here are the wimpy wussy conservative studies that the manly cartoony drawings are derived from:

And here’s a painting based on terrified Randy's face and a young sad looking Meatloaf (on the set of The Rocky Horror Picture Show, I believe):

That one is a tiny tiny painting, it’s only ten centimetres across or something. It was painted in controversial combinations of acrylics and resins and varnishes and watercolours followed by oil glazes.

My Granny liked it but she asked my why I have to paint sad things.

I might even post some more drawings if I have done anything worth seeing by the end of today. And bring this thing bang up to date.

This blog and my other blog and everything in the world looks better, prettier and more dignified if you view them through Firefox.


Marc Deckter said...

Wow - these are great! I like the "wimpy wussy conservative studies" too!

Gabriel said...

What's the process like? I have no idea of how to do portraits, let alone caricatures. I spend my morning trying to get Owen Wilson right with no success. I must know how you do it. How can you make a couple of grey smudges look like Brian Wilson??

Chloe Cumming said...

Ooo, comments!

I never feel like I'm capable of doing portraits or likenesses until I just sit down and do them...

I find that with every new face it takes a few goes to get it right. But like I said, I only just started trying to do it in any kind of cartoony way, so I'm even less sure I can explain what happens there..

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