Monday, September 10, 2018

It’s been Five Years

Hello. I was surprised when I logged into this old blog that I’ve never quite had the toughness to delete, it was still getting some traffic, though I don’t know what kind of traffic.

My last update was the birth of my second child Hugh, and he is now five. He’s massive. Or ‘maffiz’ as he would say.

In case anyone who used to be interested in my drawing in the old days comes back here and would like to see some things from the new days, I do still squeeze them out now and again. More when the children are at school.

Below is the link to my current main website where there are some drawings for sale, hopefully other sections coming soon:

And I still sketch a lot, post sketches on twitter (@chloecumming) and Instagram (@chloeelizabethcumming), and on my Facebook page:

Chloe Cumming Art Facebook page

Here are some wrestlers I’ve drawn for the first time recently, Neville and Minoru Suzuki.

Now the kids are back at school and hopefully things will start to flow again. I don’t know who’s reading this but I hope you’re doing well. And thank you for looking at my things.

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