Friday, November 20, 2009

Knightmare with a Red Pencil

Knightmare, the British children's role-playing dungeon-based game show that ran from 1987-1994, is one of the more nerdy things that I'm a fan of.

I had a notion that I wanted to do a series of works based on Knightmare, eventually some quite moody watercolours. I don't know if they'd be fan art as such. They sort of are in spirit but it's obscure enough for me to not expect most people to get the references. I just hope to be able to use some of the atmosphere, awkwardness and creepiness to make some nice pictures that have a coherence together. I need to do something technicolour, and something with consistence. I may also attempt some landscapes with similar atmosphere.

Also lately I've gone a bit mental with red col-erase pencils and animation paper.

little self-portrait next

Notions for future blogs that would scratch itches:

Some topless boymen (I've missed them)
Boys of Twilight with their drawn on abs
early Take That
smalltime cage fighters

Drawings of Queen (I'm rather familiar with their shapes from formative years, and I would love to get my hands on Freddie's teeth)

Birds of New Zealand in technicolour

All these things somehow combined in technicolour


Anonymous said...

Oh my god i forgot how amazing those opening titles were...& those colours!!!

I love how Freddie refused to get his teeth fixed in case it changed his voice.

If you look carefully at the Ben 10 sequence in Peter Kay's Children in Need single, you'll see that the animation i did is very closely based around keyframes drawn from Freddie's performances :)

Love your red pencil drawings! Got that warm renaissance cartoon feeling!

Evham said...

I love the line quality you've developed. It looks like you hold your pencil from the side. Well, probably from many positions. Very elegant.-Evan

Oscar Grillo said...

Your lines continue to dance, oh so expressibly!

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