Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Giant insects invade

Right I’m going away for a couple of days, to a place of pigs, tents and leeks.

I have elucidated this fact on my MySpace blog and my grey blog. Go to those places if it seems slow here ever, something will be happening somewhere.

I’m actually doing some drawings involving attempting to incorporate the shapes of holly leaves into faces, but they feel like a little set that’s not quite ready to see, so for now I have just these:

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Old half finished paintings of minotaurs. When I looked back at them having experienced my drawing renaissance, I realised that they seemed to be all paint and no architecture. They were drowning in their own paint. So I’m kind of re engineering the whole thing with the old masters in mind, starting with white lines, progressing logically into establishing dominant forms etc.

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And how about this. We had an insect visitor, I cannot express how massive she was.

My dad is an entomologist, so I rang him up and tried to express to him how MASSIVE the beast was, all excited, but he was playing it cool, unfazed by this talk of massiveness, being familiar with these creatures like an old pro. But I could tell he was secretly pleased with my ringing him up to talk about insects. It was a female great green bush cricket.

My dad, being a caution-happy scaremonger, also informed me that they do bite and can draw blood.

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She was standing on top of the fabric dog that sits atop the television set.

Will be back with astonishing frequency in future weeks to let you know about my collapsed little micro-world of bath-wrinkled vision.

1 comment:

lee said...

Hi Chloe
these are really nice If you dont mind me saying,
Slan leath anois,
thats irish by the way, meaning bye for now.

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